In our industry, there are a lot of people who use practices that are, well, questionable. We offer you a different type of business. We operate from a base of ethical business practices. You’ll find yourself talking with someone who is prompt, professional, and offers you options.

One thing that makes us stand out is that we don’t use subcontractors. All of our employees are on the payroll. That means no one is going to show up to your house that is from another company! Subcontracting is like an auction. Contractors reach out to smaller businesses and ask for their pricing to do the work and whoever is the lowest in cost they utilize. We eliminate this because we want you to know if you choose us, you’re getting us! Not only that but all of our employees are covered by worker’s comp and liability insurance. To give you peace of mind we email you your estimates with a copy of our license, worker’s comp, and liability insurance. This is important because many of our competitors forego the necessary license which can lead to a problem for you! If they are hurt on your job and they do not carry worker’s comp they may hold you liable.

Also, we have a five-year warranty. Every installation is covered under this. We do this because it’s the worst feeling to purchase something and regret it months later because of poor function or quality. We want to make sure that if you’re paying for something we can guarantee you will be happy with it. So, for five years after the installation, we will stand behind our workmanship and assure you that you will not regret your purchase.

If you are looking for peace of mind, professionalism, and quality, don’t hesitate to get our free estimate and compare us to our competitors. We guarantee you won’t regret it, our reviews can attest to it.