Add a Screened Enclosure to Your Ormond Beach Home

Florida is one of the most commonly known places to vacation and living in Ormond Beach, you know why. The sunny weather makes for incredible days outside, but for that exact reason it’s incredibly important that take care of your pool, and more importantly, make the most of it. Central Florida Screens is known for creating the high quality screened pool enclosures that you see in the area. These screened enclosures provide you with the additional protection needed to minimize cleaning and exposure to your pool but also add some space for you to really enjoy your pool.

Each of the screened pool enclosures that we create is entirely unique. We help you find the materials and design elements that you want, based on what your needs are. CFL Screens are the company to work with when you’re planning on having an enclosure added to your Ormond Beach home.

Types of Screen Pool Enclosures

As we mentioned, each of the enclosures that we create is entirely unique. The way that we’re able to do this is by providing you with a variety of options and building something that is custom to your design elements and needs. One of the primary choices that you make, and one of the choices that contribute to the enclosure the most, is the roof. Below are the choices that you’ll be able to choose from, as you start to design your pool enclosure.

  • Shed Style

This is a fantastic choice if there is a second story that you’d like to enclose as well. The enclosure will start off high, against the home, and slant down in a single angle toward the outside of the pool area.

  • Two Story Enclosure

These types of enclosures are tall enough to reach the second story of your home. Your space will feel open and larger because of the added space that this particular style adds. This also leaves the opportunity to grow ornamental trees, like banana trees, in your enclosure.

  • Hip

This screened enclosure will have an elongated peak and angles down on four sides. It looks like the roofs of many homes.

  • Mansard

This enclosure will have a flat main area and then will slant down on all sides to meet the walls of the enclosure.

  • Half Mansard

This is a very similar type of design to the mansard design, but rather than meeting the home with a downward slant, there is less of an angle and the roof is met with part of the flat roof.

  • Dome

From horizontal walls, the roof gradually rises and gently goes over to the other wall. This enclosure adds extra space as well and is a beautiful and simplistic roof.

A Team You Can Trust

Central Florida Screens is the leading screened pool enclosure company in the Ormond Beach area. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the end product that they’ve always wanted and needed. From the moment that you call us to schedule a quote, to the time, years from now, when you need a repair, we will be there. As a team, we are diligent and driven and it’s seen in our time working with you. You can be certain that there will be streamlined communication throughout the process and attention to detail that will allow for us to complete your project quickly.

Supplemental Services for Screen Pool Enclosures

Screen pool enclosures aren’t the only things that we work on here at CFL Screens. There are a variety of other services that we offer to ensure your screen enclosures are always in incredible condition. Check out a few of the following that pertains to your pool enclosure.


Repairs for Screen Pool Enclosures

Call our office today if you are interested in learning more about the screen pool enclosures that we have or if there are any other questions that you have. We would love to provide you with a quote on these services. Call our Ormond Beach office at  407-995-6005 or reach out to us on our website.