Protect Your Deltona Pool with a Screened Enclosure

The Deltona area is known for its warm weather and sunny days, which makes owning a pool an even more rewarding experience. If you have a pool that you love cooling down in when the nice weather sticks around, then it’s time for you to invest in a screened pool enclosure. Central Florida Screens is known for the high-quality enclosures that we create and the incredible customer service that we pride ourselves on. These screened enclosures help keep your pool in great condition and make keeping your pool clean, extremely easy.

When you choose to start working on your screened pool enclosure, we will sit down with you and cover all of the qualities, needs and wants that you have for your pool enclosure so that we can incorporate the into the design. We will do our best to make this space exactly what you imagined while working with your budget.

Types of Screen Pool Enclosures

The enclosure that we’re creating is going to be an added part of your home, which means that it should be just as unique as the rest of your home. We’re able to do this by giving you quite a few options when it comes to the design elements. For instance, the roofing part of your enclosure can create an incredible feel for the space as a whole. Below are a few of the options that you can choose from.

  • Shed Style

This is a fantastic choice if there is a second story that you’d like to enclose as well. The enclosure will start off high, against the home, and slant down in a single angle toward the outside of the pool area.

  • Two Story Enclosure

These types of enclosures are tall enough to reach the second story of your home. Your space will feel open and larger because of the added space that this particular style adds. This also leaves the opportunity to grow ornamental trees, like banana trees, in your enclosure.

  • Hip

This screened enclosure will have an elongated peak and angles down on four sides. It looks like the roofs of many homes.

  • Mansard

This enclosure will have a flat main area, and then will slant down on all sides to meet the walls of the enclosure.

  • Half Mansard

This is a very similar type of design to the mansard design, but rather than meeting the home with a downward slant, there is less of an angle and the roof is met with part of the flat roof.

  • Dome

From horizontal walls, the roof gradually rises and gently goes over to the other wall. This enclosure adds extra space as well and is a beautiful and simplistic roof.

A Team You Can Trust

Regardless of what type of project you are having done, you want to know that the people working on it are able to provide you with incredible results and are a team of individuals that you can trust. Central Florida Screens always puts our customers first, and this is seen in the amount of work that goes into creating custom designs for all of our pool enclosures as well as the rapid rate with which we complete projects.
From the moment that we pour the cement foundation of your pool enclosure to years down the road when you are in need of a repair, we will be there. It’s impossible to deny that our work is always efficient and effective. Your screened pool enclosure will be completed quickly and done right the first time so that we can reduce, and most of the time eliminate, the chance of any issues happening.

Supplemental Services for Screen Pool Enclosures

Central Florida Screens offers services other than pool enclosure installments. We also offer services to enhance and repair your screen enclosures. Learn more about our enclosure gutters and the repairs that we can make, below.


Repairs for Screen Pool Enclosures

Call our office today if you are interested in learning more about the screen pool enclosures that we have or if there are any other questions that you have. We would love to provide you with a quote on these services. Call our Deltona office at  407-995-6005 or reach out to us on our website.