Florida Screens for professional work done with integrity and backed up by a five-year warranty.

Pool enclosures help keep your pool clean and free of debris, create a private zone for you and your family to enjoy and bring your pool into compliance with Florida state pool safety laws.

Types of Screen Pool Enclosures

There are several types of roof shapes that are used for screen pool enclosures.

  • Shed Style – This is a great choice when you have a second story you want to enclose. The enclosure will start off high, against the home, and slant down in a single angle toward the outside of the pool area.
  • Two Story Enclosure – This could be any other style, but built large enough to match the height of the second story of a home. This style gives you a great sense of space and openness. With this style, you can grow ornamental trees, such as banana trees in your enclosure to make it a tropical paradise.
  • Hip – This type of enclosure has an elongated peak and then angles down on four sides, as many house roofs do.
  • Mansard – A mansard roof has a flat main area and then slants down on all sides to meet the walls of the enclosure.
  • Half Mansard – This roof type is basically the same as the Mansard, but instead meeting the home with a downward slant, the roof is met with part of the flat of the roof.
  • Dome – From horizontal walls, the roof gradually rises and then gently goes does to the other wall. This is an attractive and uncomplicated roof.


Why Central Florida Screens?

  • If you think that where you spend your money matters, consider hiring Central Florida Screens to install your pool enclosure.
  • We are a veteran and family owned small business who have a faith-based foundation in Jesus Christ.
  • We have been serving the Central Florida region for over 40 years and during that time have maintained an A+ rating on Angie’s list, 5-star rating on Google and Home Advisor.
  • Since then we have been functioning on the same values the military instills in their soldiers: professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and punctuality.
  • We have taken over the market with our new approach towards work.
  • We have grown to be one of the largest screen room companies in Central Florida, yet maintaining the small business price.
  • All our workers on the payroll. We don’t use subcontractors.
  • We install hundreds of screen rooms a year and rescreen hundreds of pool enclosures.


Supplemental Services for Screen Pool Enclosures


  • With Florida getting about 50 inches of rain a year, it is important that the water is channeled away from the foundation of the patio.
  • If the ground around your pool becomes saturated with water, the integrity of your pool can be compromised, and cracks and leaks can result.

Repairs for Screen Pool Enclosures

  • We offer repair services for screened pool enclosures, whether we installed them or not.
  • If your kids or the neighbor dog has damaged your screen, call us, and we’ll have it repaired quickly and with a warranty.
  • Central Florida Screens is the company to call for all your screen pool enclosures needs.