Enjoy More of Orlando’s Nature with a Screen Room

Whether you’re looking for a great place to entertain your friends and family, an added on living space to your home, or a place where you can really soak in the Orlando weather, an add on screened room is the perfect addition to make. CFL Screens has both insulated and uninsulated screen rooms to choose from, and to fit into your budget. From the size and location, to the colors and layout, we work with you closely to implement a plan that will work for you. We design all of our Orland screened rooms to the needs of our clients, which is one of the things that we pride ourselves on.

Repair, Installation, and Service from a Trusted Orlando Team

When you choose to work with CFL Screens, you can count on us constantly putting your needs and wants first. From the minute that we lay out and pour the cement foundation, to years from now when your screened room is in need of a repair, we are the company that you can count on. Throughout the process we will be very open with you to ensure that all of the plans are going smoothly, but also so that you can remain calm. As a team we are always determined to work efficiently and effectively, which means that you are able to enjoy your screened-in room as early as a day or two after we start the building process.

Whether it be warm summer days or cool nights, this screened-in space can be enjoyed at any time of the day, nearly every day of the year. This factor makes it an incredible addition to your house that you won’t regret committing to.

Call CFL Screens for Your Free Quote on a New Screen Room

Get started with your screened-in room plan today. CFL Screens is happy to provide you with a quick quote on what your services will cost and give you an idea on what our services will look like. Contact our office for more information regarding our services. You can call us at 407-995-6005 or contact us through our website.