When you buy a new home or establishment, you often see more opportunity than the previous owners may have. One of the areas of improvement that homeowners, both new and old, find is the ability to add a new concrete driveway or a slab of concrete that will quickly turn into a back patio. If you have found an opportunity to lay down a concrete slab and are curious as to what that process looks like, Central Florida Screens are the professionals to trust.


Concrete has quickly become one of the most durable and reliable materials. It is often used in construction, but more and more frequently we are seeing it used to enhance the efficiency and structure of a home. Two of the most common ways that we see concrete used are with the intentions of building a new driveway and creating a slab that will become a deck. While they are very different projects to have done, they’re both incredibly useful additions to make. The material itself might be slightly more costly, but there are plenty of benefits to that investment including:

  • Concrete Lasts Longer
  • Versatility
  • Low Maintenance
  • Thermal Mass
  • Durability
  • And more.


If you are looking to have a driveway constructed out of concrete, you’ve made an incredible choice. Concrete can hold tons of weight without cracking or sinking, which is what makes it such a prime material to use. This also leaves a lot of opportunity with the that you’d like to have the shape that you’d like to see. Our team is built of professionals, and we will do an incredible job laying your driveway out.

Concrete Slabs

If you’re looking to have a slab of concrete poured, then you can rely on our team to deliver there as well. We can help with creating sidewalks, walkways, decks or any other concept that you have in mind. Together we can work through a plan of what you’d like to do with the concrete slab so that we can determine the shape and size that you have in mind.

These are the types of plans that do require planning and consulting before they can be fully in motion. Call Central Florida Screens today so that we can set up a consultation and work on getting you a quote. Our concrete contractors are some of the best in the area, and the ones that you can count on always providing a high-quality job. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!