As we’ve talked about previously on the blog, there are many great benefits that having clean and intact window screens can provide. When you’re in need of a window screen repair, it’s not able to fully do its job. In the same respect, many individuals will complain about their window screens sticking. Some families even opt to not have window screens installed at all or simply remove them, leaving them to gather cobwebs in the garage. The number one reason we find as to why people choose to do this is because the window screens stick. Don’t do without your window screens, call Central Florida Screens for help with yours.

There are several reasons that your window screens may be sticking. A screen sticking could be an indicator that your windows need to be replaced. But more likely it is indicating that your window screens have warped over time and need to be repaired or replaced.

A window screen spends a substantial amount of time in the sun. Between that and the changes in a home’s foundation, a screen that once had a perfect fit now sticks. This may not seem like a problem, but consider families in two story homes. What if a fire breaks out in the kitchen and the only way for your children to get out of their bedroom is through the window with a sticking screen?

Central Florida Screens can come to your home and create custom screens for your home right then. They can also show you how to properly place them and remove them, making sure the process is easy for you! Don’t tolerate screens that stick. Call Central Florida Screens today!