CFL Screens S.U.M.M.E.R

Spectacular view– One thing you need this summer is an awesome view and where better than the comfort of your own home! A screen room provides you with incredible views of your yard, and all that’s around you all while protecting you from the mosquitoes and blocking some UV Rays.

Upstanding service- 

Screen Room Installs: We offer the customer a full-service option for their screen rooms, we offer both insulated and non-insulated screen rooms, and they get to choose the color, size of bottom metal trim, door orientation, door placement, etc. Our customers basically get to design their own screen room for their house.

Screen Inserts/ Entryways: This is the option for those who already have a roof but need the frame & screen inserted. We can install the frame and screen around any shape of opening or column type. With this option, you can also custom design your job with choosing the color, door placement, and more.

Pool Enclosure Gutter: We can detach your existing enclosure and fix the pitch, replace the gutter, or repair the leaks without any major modification, whatever the job it comes with warranty.

Screen Repair: This option is where we come in and replace all the screen in an enclosure, and provide you with warranty of all our repairs.

Pool Enclosure: This option is for those who do not have a pool enclosure yet, we design and build you your very own pool enclosure. We can add to a lanai roof you have or start from scratch to make an amazing pool enclosure for you.

More for your money– We provide high quality service at small business prices, and we have a five-year warranty. Every installation is covered under this. We do this because it’s the worst feeling to purchase something and regret it months later because of poor function or quality. We want to make sure that if you’re paying for something we can guarantee you will be happy with it. So, for five years after the installation, we will stand behind our workmanship and assure you that you will not regret your purchase.

Meaningful – At CFL our work is so important to us, being a veteran & family owned and operated small business our work is personal to us. We take the time to get to know our customers and build a relationship with them. Every time we talk to them on the phone, send an email, when meet them in person to do an estimate, while our crews are on the jobsite working. This continues even after the job is finished when we follow up with them to get their feedback and check in to make sure they are satisfied with our work.

Employees– Here at CFL our employees are treated like family, the relationships that our employees form with each other is much stronger than common coworker’s relationships. They act as a team, every different job we have is needed to help us run efficiently. If one crew needs help another crew is there right away to help and make sure the jobs get done. One thing that’s for sure if you work at CFL is that you are not alone.

Right decision for choosing CFLWe have been serving the central Florida region for over 40 years, and during that time have maintained an A+ rating on Angie’s list and a 5-star rating on Google, as well as Home Advisor.

We have taken over the market with our new approach towards providing customers high-quality service at small business prices. Through this approach, we have grown to be one of the largest screen room companies in central Florida, yet we maintain small business attitude. We install hundreds of screen rooms a year and rescreen hundreds of pool enclosures.

From our CFL family to yours we want to say thank you for supporting a veteran and family-owned and operated, small business who have a faith founded in Jesus Christ.