subcontractor_1If you’ve worked with home painters, roofers, or many other home service based business, the odds are you’ve probably had a subcontractor working on your home at some point or another. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not ideal either. Here at Central Florida Screens, we don’t hire subcontractors to provide any of our screen installation or screen repair services.

Subcontractors are laborers who are utilized to fulfill services at a lower price through a secondary company. Each employee that works for Central Florida Screens is hired on as a permanent employee.

What does this mean for you?

While ethically, you may love the idea that all our employees are also permanent employees that receive additional benefits from being with the company, there are additional very important ways in which this benefits and protects you.

By being employees of our company, each individual who does screen repairs or other services on your property is protected under our liability and worker’s compensation insurance. For example, let’s say one of our employees falls off a ladder installing a pool enclosure and breaks one of your windows completely by accident. You don’t have to worry about the costs because Central Florida Screens carries the appropriate liability insurance to cover this kind of accident. Additionally, if an employee cuts their hand open while doing screen repairs on your property, they will be cared for appropriately under worker’s compensation. This is all extremely important because if you have subcontractors on your property that are not appropriately covered by the company that writes their paycheck, then you could become liable for any problems that occur on your property.

Here at Central Florida Screens, we know how important it is to protect both our client’s and our employees’ interests. Let us take care of your screen repairs and installations. Contact us today!