Any homeowner knows it’s not a great idea to select companies to work on your home on a whim. It becomes even more prudent to do your research when storms roll through, like Hurricane Matthew, bringing many fly-by-the-night companies that come through, take advantage of the work available, and then disappear just as quickly. These types of establishments are problematic because they leave you with no clear point of contact, they can’t follow through on their warranties, and they are more likely not to follow specific building codes or standards when working on your property.

Screen repair in the Daytona area is no different. Many companies will be coming through following Hurricane Matthew, charging high prices, and disappearing overnight. This is why you need to do your research! Working with local professionals provides you many benefits and should always be your first choice whenever hiring a company to work on your home. Consider these reasons why you need to work with best local professionals for your screen repair needs in Daytona.  

Invest in the Local Economy

If you choose a fly-by-the-night contractor to provide any type of service on your home or business, you’re saying that you’re okay with letting your money leave the local community. By choosing a local company, like Central Florida Screens, to do your screen repairs after Hurricane Matthew, you’re making a conscious choice that says you want to keep your money supporting the local community and local businesses. The owners and employees of Central Florida Screens live in the same communities and shop at the same stores as you, making sure your money is put right back into the local economy.

Better Prices

You’ll see some companies coming into the area charging upwards of $100 per screen repair or replacement. You don’t have to choose a company like them that has outrageous prices, and while you may be thinking that it doesn’t matter because the insurance company will cover it anyway, keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always mean a better quality. Central Florida Screens can repair your screens for $30 a screen right now, and we’ll make sure that the final product is of high quality and properly done all for an affordable price.

Easy Contact

While local businesses may take some time to get back to you when they have to handle a large volume of calls during busy times, like after Hurricane Matthew, you can still be at ease knowing that they will be accessible for the foreseeable future. Most local companies will have a brick-and-mortar location near you, or you will simply know where to find them. They won’t just disappear on you overnight.

Reliable Warranty

Along with being easier to contact and reach out to, local businesses are typically staffed with and run by individuals you can trust when they tell you about a warranty. You will be able to easily come back to Central Florida Screens, who has been in the area since the 1970s, and claim your warranty should anything happen to your screens, pool enclosure, or porch enclosure.

Don’t trust anyone else with your home; always choose local when you have the option. Contact Central Florida Screens today for screen repair on your Daytona home.