When Hurricane Matthew blew through Florida last Sept 30 to Oct 1 October, Florida residents were concerned with safety, and rightly so. This hurricane topped at Category 5 winds of 160 miles an hour. By the time it made landfall in South Carolina, on October 8th, it is was “just” a Category 1 storm bust still caused massive damage. Matthew skirted Florida’s Atlantic Space Coast, but anyone who has witnessed tropical storms or hurricanes can tell you that the winds extended many miles from the eye and can cause substantial damage, especially when combined with saturated ground. Near the coast, the strong winds and storm surge caused extensive damage. All along the Space Coast, as well as inland, the torrential rains saturated the ground, and the winds brought down many trees.

Insurance Claims

According to the Sun-Sentinel reported on October 12th, that there 39,302 insurance claims as a result of Hurricane Matthew. A few days after the storm, Florida Today reported that there were 10 homes damaged and 1,390 damaged structures damaged by the storm. Struggling to function during a power outage of the scale wrought by this storm, meant that claims likely continued to come in, but these are the initial numbers reported.

Storm Clean Up

With the storm blowing up the coast, people quickly busied themselves with the cleanup efforts. Yard debris, flooded lower levels of homes and businesses all had to be cleaned out. With people’s homes destroyed and lives lost, damage to swimming pool enclosures was rightly put off for a later date. Well, it is now January, and the clean up is all but done. If you put off dealing with the damage to your screened in porch or pool enclosure, it’s time to get it fixed before spring arrives and you want to use your outside space without having to worry about mosquitos and other pests.

Central Florida Screens Can Help!

Combining our years of experience and our understanding of screen enclosures, we know that not every damage report needs to result in the total replacement of your screened room or pool enclosure. We know how to tell if the whole thing needs to be replaced, or we can repair the damage, possibly replacing just the elements that are beyond repair. This will save you money. If you are working on an insurance claim. Let us know, and we can help you out with that too.

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After Hurricane Matthew – Screen & Enclosure Repair & Replacement

Why CFL Screens?

Central Florida Screens has been operating in the Orlando and Daytona area since 1975. This means we have experience and the know-how to install, repair, or replace any screened in porch or pool enclosure. We’ve been in business for 41 years, and we will be in business for many more, so you can rest assured that we will be around if anything goes wrong with your enclosure. You have the added benefit of knowing that you are patronizing a business owned and operated by military veterans.

Other Services

Don’t forget that we also install new screened in porches, and screen enclosure for pools to help keep your pool clean and you and your family safe from insect-borne diseases! Because every structure with a roof, also needs a gutter system, we install and service gutters too! We also install carports.  When you are looking to renovate your bathroom and want frameless glass doors, call us for that too! We offer great prices and superior customer service!

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