For the last 11 years, most of Florida has gotten relatively lucky in that we have avoided many major hurricanes. Being mostly coastline, that definitely comes as a surprise. We’ve been subjected to tropical storms, but hurricanes haven’t hit from either the Atlantic or Gulf for some time. That is until this most recent storm with Hurricane Hermine.

As with any hurricane, some of the greatest risks come in the form of flooding and flying objects. The surging winds and torrential rain often cause a substantial amount of damage. If you have storm shutters and are able to batten down the hatches, you’re home will definitely be better off. However, there is a chance that you were unable to prepare for the onslaught. Along with flooding in your home, perhaps you experienced damage to your windows, or even lost a window screen. The exterior of your house can take a beating, but it’s important to make sure that after a hurricane, you assess the damage and provide your home with repairs, including screen repairs or replacements.

Central Florida Screens is the go-to screen repair company in the Orlando and Daytona areas. If your home has suffered from the effects of Hurricane Hermine, let us do what we do best: repair your screens! Whether the hurricane caused damage to your screens that we can repair, or your screens are completely missing, we can help you get your home back into excellent repair quickly. You don’t have to remain subject to a hurricane, you can do something about it! Contact the screen repair specialists at Central Florida Screens today!