Whether you’re getting new screens or calling in a specialist for screen repairs, it’s important to understand the types of materials that are being used on your home. Homes throughout Florida have been built with different materials based on the decade in which they were constructed. This includes the materials that are used in window screens and frames in your house. If you find yourself in need of window screen repairs, familiarize yourself with the following, and then call Central Florida Screens for the best in window screen repair services.


If you’ve had your windows replaced in the last decade or two, then chances are your window screens are made from some form of fiberglass. Fiberglass can be used for both the screen frame and the mesh, and it holds up well to wear and tear.


We have had questions as to how available aluminum frames and mesh are these days. While the material that was more common in the 70s is still available today, it’s not made to the same caliber as it used to be. Manufacturers no longer produce the heavy-grade aluminum mesh that made them so popular and so durable. If you’re looking for a more affordable option that can stand up to moderate climates and wear, then aluminum could still be a good choice.


With the price of copper through the roof due to the demand for electronic components, the mesh for window screens is no longer made of the material. That’s okay, because fiberglass is truly an excellent option.

Don’t fret about your window screens and any screen repairs you may need. Simply call the specialists at Central Florida Screen repair today to get the affordable, friendly help that you need!