If you are a Daytona or Orlando local, this post may not be revolutionary to you, in the sense that a large portion of what we will discuss today is listing a few different critters and wild animals you might encounter in your backyard, or worse, your enclosure in your Central Florida home.

But that’s not to say that just because you are a Central Florida resident that you won’t find any valuable information in today’s post. We don’t think that’s the case at all, most notably because we will be describing the attributes of a quality Orlando screen repair and installation company (our own company, Central Florida Screens, as it turns out), in addition to espousing some hopefully useful information about how to actually deal with these critters, should they wander into your porch enclosure or what have you.

Screen Installation Experts

Let’s cover that first point right now. We’ve been around Central Florida for over 40 years, being a family owned and operated screen repair company. Not only are we a third generation family owned Central Florida business, but we also have deep roots in the armed forces. Being a veteran owned and operated company means we have taken those traditional American and faith-led values and put them into practice. Our Orlando screen installation company operates with integrity, efficiency, punctuality, and professionalism.

We offer a variety of services related to screen enclosures. Our services include screen room installs, which comes with a full service option as well, where we custom design any room in the house you would prefer. We handle the entire project, from pouring the concrete to any repair work that may arise down the road. We also handle screen entryway installations and any pool enclosure gutter repair or installation jobs you might have. Keep in mind we also offer general screen repair, window screen replacement, and we even do shower door installation and other enclosures.

Getting your porch, pool, or patio set up with a classy screen enclosure means that you can enjoy all of what beautiful central Florida has to offer, without having to worry about pests, the elements, or even critters and wildlife. But whether you have a screened enclosure or not, simply living in Florida means you aren’t necessarily immune to encountering these creatures from time to time. With that all being said, read on if you are interested in learning more about a few of Florida’s most interesting backyard dwellers.  

Florida Critters

But onto today’s topic, as promised. We mentioned that we would be describing interesting animals, but in all honesty, that’s a subjective label. Some might find a raccoon to be much more interesting than a rat. But that likely isn’t someone’s first choice as a describer when it comes to animals that are quite commonly referred to as vermin. Fair warning – some of these choices are more practical than exotic, for the purposes of this blog post.

Florida Raccoons

Like much of the United States, raccoons can be an annoyance if they end up getting into your backyard or garage. While they might look kind of cute with their human-like hands and fuzzy hair, that is a trick, so don’t be tricked. Raccoons actually can be a huge problem. For instance, if you wake up to find your trash cans turned over and strewn out on the ground, it’s quite possible that a family of raccoons has taken a liking to your family’s cooking and wants in on the action.

Like we mentioned, raccoons are not to be trifled with. It’s a good idea to call in some wild animal control experts if ever in a situation where they might become aggressive. It’s not just a matter of strength either, as raccoons can carry infectious diseases like rabies.

What If They Get In Your House?

If they get in your garage, enclosure, or attic, that can turn into a stand-off you don’t want any part in quite quickly. Call in wildlife removal professionals, like we said. But there are also two key steps you can take to make sure they don’t come back in a few days to reclaim their territory. And believe us, that is a real possibility.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you have to clean up your house as well as possible before animal control comes and collects. This means there can’t be any trash or food out for the sneaky little guys to remember. Clean up all around your house, garage, and even the lawn. Then get some trash cans that are heavy, preferably metal. Bare minimum, you’ll to put something heavy, like a brick, on top of the lid to prevent them from getting in there. Keep the trash cans free from stink, which means you’ll probably need to clean your garbage cans out with soap and water.

In terms of the actual removal process, we think that is probably beyond the reach of this post, as well as your prerogative as a homeowner in the first place. Because of their aggressive nature and disease-carrying tendencies, let’s all just leave the removal process to the pros.


Sometimes bats can get up into your garage or patio enclosure. Like raccoons, bats bring with them disease and a will to disrupt your lovely Florida lifestyle. Specifically, their fecal matter, also known as guano, can be a revolting problem. Dusty in nature, the fecal matter can release bacteria into the air, which might cause you and your family to contract something like histoplasmosis, which is no fun at all.

Bats have a protected status here in Florida, and that means you really shouldn’t risk removing them in an inappropriate way. Even if they are in your screened patio enclosure, installed by your favorite local screen installers at CFL Screens, it’s a safer bet to let the professionals do what they do so well. This will save you from a fine (or worse), in addition to them being able to provide you with tips to make sure the bats don’t come back anytime soon!


If you live in Daytona, Florida, or somewhere close by, you might already know that dealing with mice and rats can be a not-so-fun aspect of living in such a warm and humid climate. In reference to a screened pool enclosure, you should know that rats can sneak through the slimmest of cracks. And not just on the ground either – rats can get through roof openings as well as cracks on the wall. Given the rate at which they reproduce (see Ratatouille), one rat getting through can mean an infestation all too quickly.

Rats can be very dangerous, too. Just like bats, rat droppings can carry diseases and bacteria. Rat fecal matter often carries Hantavirus of Leptospirosis, which is can be lethal. On top of that, rats can cause physical damage to your home. For example:

  • Causing damage to your walls, ceiling, and general structure when the urine and feces soak in
  • Your cooling and heating monthly bill might go up by the vermin using attic and wall insulation as nesting material
  • Chewing through wires and pipes (we don’t know why they do it, probably because they’re evil) which increases the risk of fire or flooding

As you may have been able to guess, we want to stress that you should never try to remove rats yourself. Again, call in some experts.

Call The Screen Repair Experts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief look into Florida vermin and what can be done. Of course, another key step would be to get your screen enclosure repaired before one of these pests finds it and calls it their new home. Look out for part two of this series, in which we take a look at a few other critters we didn’t have time to note in this first post. Among the critters listed will be opossums, scorpions, and gators. At Central Florida Screens, we want you to be aware of the fact that screen repair and installation doesn’t have to break the bank to be done correctly. Whether you are looking for screened pool enclosures, a pool screen repair, or just a basic screen porch repair, we are confident that you will find us to be a great business to work with. With a five year warranty and a commitment to excellence, feel free to reach out to us for your free quote!