Even though it has been almost a month since Hurricane Matthew passed by the eastern coast of Florida as a Category 3 hurricane, there are still plenty of recovery efforts underway. According to USA Today, “The severe storm claimed up to 1,000 lives in Haiti and at least 28 in the U.S. Matthew caused at least $6 billion worth of damage.” Most notably the entire state of Florida experienced over 150,000 power outages due to the storm. However, while much of the damage happened in the Caribbean and further up the Atlantic Coast, some areas of Florida definitely felt the effects. In particular, the Daytona Beach area suffered severe building damage and is still trying to recover. Up and down Florida’s eastern coast, severe structural damage can include everything from flooded buildings to completely blown out windows and screens in need of repair. Florida got lucky with Hurricane Matthew because it could have been much, much worse had the storm actually made landfall.

Here at Central Florida Screens, we’re feeling the effects of the storm right there with you. We know that it can take time to work with insurance and repair damage to your home and property. With so many different things to get done, it is often hard to know where to start. Here are some tips on how to make sure you get everything taken care of and repaired that you need to in order to help life get back to normal.

Record Footage of Damage as Soon as Possible

While we know it has been some time since the storm has come through, these are still general tips to keep in mind during the cleanup and during things like accidents. The first thing you always want to do after any damage happens to your property is to document it. Photographs or a video recording on your phone will suffice, but the main goal is to be thorough. Make sure that you clearly show all the areas that were afflicted by the storm. Ideally, you will have images from before, in order to show comparisons. If not, that’s okay. Make sure that you do record a video after all the repairs have been made for future reference.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you don’t already, you’re probably going to have a love/hate relationship with your insurance provider. After any accident, you will need to contact your insurance provider promptly in order to report the claim. The sooner you start the process with your insurance company, the sooner everything can get fixed. Be ready for the long haul though, as the insurance companies are working with many people and hundreds of thousands of claims from the storm. Working with your insurance company to make sure that home repairs can be made will probably be a long process, so be ready to advocate for your needs and spend some time on hold while the claims are being processed.

Make a Priority List

One of the best things you can do for yourself during the cleanup process is to make a priority list for your repairs. If your basement flooded or your windows are damaged, that would obviously take a higher priority in terms of getting repairmen to your home than replacing your patio furniture or having your patio screens repaired. Having a clear list will make sure that you don’t forget to contact all the contractors you need in order to put your house back together, because the process can take time.

If your windows are intact but your screens were damaged, or your pool screen enclosure simply didn’t survive the hurricane, let Central Florida Screens help you put your home back together. Contact us today for any of our screening service needs.