In part one of this two part series on Central Florida Screens and vermin, wildlife, and backyard pests that might inhibit your attempt at enjoying an evening outdoors, we took an in-depth look at raccoons, bats, and rats. Specifically, we noted what kind of threats they might represent, in addition to how to best deal with them getting in your home.

One example of this would be bats getting into your screened pool enclosure so that they can set up a little home. Should this occur, it would likely be an indicator that your pool enclosure is not as securely screened as you might have thought. A screen repair is in order if that situation sounds familiar to you at all. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that bats, rats, and other critters aren’t setting up shop in your screened patio or pool.

But we will talk a bit more about us at Central Florida Screens a bit later. For now, let’s continue our exploration into other animals and pests that could give you a hard time.


Let’s start with something a little less…disgusting than rats or bats. While we warrant it’s unlikely that an alligator will call your screened enclosure its new home, it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that a gator has made its way onto your property. If that is the case, we must advise you to use extreme caution while dealing with a gator. Their bite is tremendously powerful, even if they are wanting to avoid a confrontation with a human as much as you are seeking to do the same with them.

If their young are involved and the adult thinks they might be under threat, they might lash out aggressively. Just remember that humans didn’t get to the top of the food chain by acting like fool-hearty idiots. They did so by doing just the opposite, so let’s carry on with that tradition. When in doubt, call in animal control specialists, who are both trained and legally certified to deal with such a situation.

Florida Scorpions

Alright, let’s be clear here. We aren’t trying to be alarmists, genuinely. We just want you to be aware of some of the possible insects and other vermin that might take a liking to your screened room if it isn’t properly maintained.

Scorpions can be found throughout Florida, and can be identified by the lobster-shaped (black or brown) body with their signature stinger-tipped, curled tail. We are also happy to report to you that Florida scorpions are not venomous. But they can pinch or sting you, which can be pretty painful, so we’ve heard. You also might experience some mild swelling, especially if you are allergic. The best thing to do (besides not getting bitten in the first place) is to cleanse the area with soap and water before icing it to reduce swelling and pain. All things considered, Florida could have a much worse scorpion problem, in the sense that we could be like a host of other U.S. states where they play host to actually venomous scorpions. Crisis averted!


Opossums, the only North American marsupials, are fairly common to find in Central Florida. That means the females have a pouch for carrying their young around, in addition to everyone having a prehensile tail which they can hang from whenever it suits them. More practically, they like to eat garbage, and that means they might take a liking to your garbage, akin to raccoons. It’s somewhat common for them to take up a place of residence in an attic, under the floorboards of your home, or are living under your porch. Opossums should be dealt with by professionals, because they can carry diseases and parasites that you want nothing to do with.

Screen Installation

Whether you are seeking window screen repair, screened pool enclosure installation, or something else, it doesn’t hurt to get your free quote from Central Florida Screens. We have been in business for 20 years, and the family has been a part of the Central Florida community for twice that time. We have a passion for blending quality materials and service with affordable rates. We also offer a five year warranty on all work done, so get in touch with us today!