The first thing that you think about in the spring may be getting the pool up and going.  That’s great, however, there are plenty of other around the house to-dos that should make it on your spring cleaning list.  One thing that you’re definitely forgetting and shouldn’t, is cleaning your window screens.  Checking your window screens and taking the time to clean them at least once a year will pay off in the long run.  Having well cared-for and repaired screens, as well as clean screens can provide major benefits to homeowners for these three reasons.  

Improves Air Quality

The spring and fall are excellent times to open up your windows and air out your home in central Florida.  But opening up windows to find they are exceptionally dirty can be a bummer.  Dirty window screens allow the breeze to pick up a variety of debris and dirt that then travel into your home, reducing the indoor air quality.  All the debris on the screen, once in the house, finds its way into carpets and HVAC systems.  This can lead to year-round indoor allergies causing coughing, sneezing, stuffy noses, and itchy eyes.       

Improves Visibility

What good is a window if you can’t see through it?  Over the winter, windows and window screens will pick up all sorts of grime that can obscure visibility.  Giving everything a good cleaning helps to improve the view from any room of the house.  While most people remember the windows, it truly is important to care for your screens.  When you’re cleaning your screens take the time to check them for any wear and tear that needs to be repaired.  What good is a clean screen if the window screen needs repair?  Give us at Central Florida Screens to repair or replace any problems with your screens this spring.    

Maintains Your Windows

On top of improving air quality in your home and gaining back the visibility you should have through any window, properly maintaining, cleaning, and having your screens repaired can help keep your windows in excellent shape.  All the grime that builds up on window screens can break down the screen over time.  The acidity that is natural in the environment, when left in place, eats at the material making up your screen.  Not only does this leave you with a shoddy window screen but it also leaves your window even more susceptible to the elements.  Outside of keeping bugs out, one of the main purposes of screens is to protect the money you invested in your windows.  Windows get dirty because all the grime that the window screen catches can be blown on to the window with rain.  Having clean window screens helps keep your windows clean as well.

Once you’ve gotten your windows shining, give Central Florida Screens a call to replace or repair your window screens.  Keeping them in proper working order will truly help improve your home’s value and your experience with your windows.  We are experts at window screen repair, providing you with high-quality services in an efficient and timely manner.