Over the last several years there have been more and more hurricanes hitting land from the Atlantic Ocean. This probably won’t slow down with the speed in which climate change is happening. So with that in mind, it’s important for residents of central Florida to protect their homes during the months of August through October. These three simple things can make a world of difference when protecting your home during storm season.

Cover Your Windows and Doors

Installing storm shutters or another form of protection for your windows is the number one thing you can do to protect your home. Glass cannot withstand the winds and flying debris that come with hurricanes. So to avoid window and screen repairs, make sure your windows are well protected when the weathermen start predicting high winds.

Remove Debris

Taking the time to remove debris from your yard and around your house is beneficial to both yourself and your neighbors. The fewer objects that can transform into things that will take off shingles or fly right through your window screens, the better. Once winds start kicking up anything can become a hazard, but the more you mitigate the risk, the fewer repairs you will have on your home later.

Have a Backup Generator and Supplies

Even if you aren’t staying in your home to wait out the hurricane, and definitely if you are, having a backup generator and additional supplies is essential. Just because the city is still producing power does not mean that it will be able to reach your home. Having the ability to run appliances or have light will come in handy when the power goes out. And of course, having extra food and water is an absolute must.

Be prepared for hurricane season and take care of your home. If you have damage to your window screens from last year’s storms, contact Central Florida Screens to have your window screens repaired today.