As a homeowner we know there are projects that come first and others that get set to the side.  Sometimes the projects that aren’t given priority may merit getting bumped up on the list.  Spring is officially here and checking those exterior window screens should definitely make it onto your seasonal to-do list.  Taking the time to check your screens for wear and holes, and then contacting Central Florida Screens for your window screen repairs will leave you with these two added benefits that otherwise might have been missed in the coming months.

Fresh Air Flow

It isn’t often that you get to turn off the air conditioning and open up the windows in Orlando or Daytona.  Spring and fall are the best times of year to enjoy the breeze, air out your home, and not drown in humidity.  However, if you have tears in your window screens, along with the breeze comes all the bugs that you’re trying so hard to avoid.  Having your window screens repaired keeps the bugs outside and allows plenty of fresh air in.   

Increased Value

Not only do you enjoy fresh air with screens that are new and intact, but they can increase the value of your home or rental.  Any time a home is rented through a property manager, something they look for is windows and screens that are in good working order.  Repairing them when you start renting your property is cost effective and any further damage outside of “acts of God” will then have to be paid for by the renters.  Well-kept screens add curb appeal that a broken screen would easily ruin.

Contact Central Florida Screens for your screen repair needs.  We’re experts at screen repair and are happy to serve the Orlando and Daytona areas.