As the days continue to get hotter, the evenings stay warm, it becomes a wonderful time to sit outside and enjoy your screened in deck. But while people start to wander outside more, pools of water are becoming the perfect breeding ground for little pesky  mosquitoes. You may not think twice about these tiny insects. They may just seem like an annoyance. They buzz around and you try to swat them when they land on you to feast on your tasty capillaries. But every time you get a mosquito bite you should be concerned. 

Not Just a Tiny Insect

Several of the most contagious and deadly viral diseases in the world are spread by these seemingly harmless insects. Bloodborne viruses can be deadly to humans but are harmless to the  mosquitoes that transport them. An individual that is infected, whether symptomatic or not, may be bitten by a mosquito and by consuming even the smallest amount of blood can then transfer that virus to the next individual they bite. A simple mosquito bite quickly escalates from just an itchy nuisance to something that could completely change the course of your life for the worst.

Yellow Fever. Dengue Fever. West Nile Virus. Zika. These are just a few of the illnesses that are spread by  mosquitoes in Florida and in other parts of the world. While only West Nile virus disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis are native to Florida according to FloridaHealth.gov, many others can easily be transmitted by individuals who travel abroad. Most recently, the rise of the Zika virus has brought public attention back to the mosquito. With its origins in Brazil, much of South America and the southern United States are under a state of emergency with the fear of its increased spread in the coming months, all because of two species of mosquito: Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.

Protect Yourself!

While Zika virus is the most urgent threat to Florida right now, it’s not the only one. Especially during hot, wet years  mosquitoes will be out in droves carrying contagions. There are steps you can take in order to protect yourself from the risks that range from miscarriages with Zika to severe, debilitating joint pain in chikungunya. Death is even a real possibility with many blood borne viruses. So, as the weather warms do not forget to utilize the following techniques to protect yourself and your family from the hordes of  mosquitoes.

Screen Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want to spend time outside, one of the best ways to do so is have a screened in living space. Utilizing screens for porches, decks, and pool areas reduces the chance that  mosquitoes will be able to enter the same spaces as you.

Eliminate Standing Water

We know pools technically fall into this category, but what we really mean is any plant pots or dog bowls that collect water when it rains. These are prime areas for mosquitoes to breed. For your pool, simply cover it up and install a screened pool enclosure to keep the water clean and the area mosquito free.

Use Proven Bug Repellents  

If you can’t stay indoors or in screened areas, then cover up and wear bug spray any time you head outside. You’ll thank us!