We all love our pets. They’re our furry companions that truly enrich our lives each and every day. However, there can be times when they frustrate us to no end as well. When a dog or cat damages something in the house, you want to be okay with it, however, the financial costs associated with repairing or replacing the damage can quickly become aggravating.

Now imagine that you have a little shih tzu at home. You head out your front door, through your screened in porch, to go work on your flower beds out front. Because you have headphones on, you don’t hear the sound of little fluffy scratching away at the screen, tearing the mesh and creating unwanted holes.

Aren’t the only perpetrators of this kind of behavior cats? Cats consider a screen porch to be the most excellent scratching post in the house.

Don’t fret! There are several options available to the pet owner who wants to keep their screens in one piece. First, call Central Florida Screens to get your damaged screens repaired. We can do so quickly and affordably. Also, talk to us about the different mesh options available to you. Some can stand up to more wear and tear than others. Additionally, there are aluminum pet guards you can add to your screen, especially on the bottom half of doors, in order to keep your furry friend from laying waste to your screen.  

Don’t waste money every week repairing your screen porch, but also, don’t settle for holes in your screen either. Contact Central Florida Screens for any repairs you may need completed due to your pet and let us help you keep your home looking pristine!