Throughout most of the year, your screened in deck acts like an additional room to your home. One where you can go outside and play board games without having to deal with bugs. A space where you can grill and enjoy a meal away from the TV. It’s the perfect 3-season room. However, what do you do with it during the winter? With all the rain that central Florida gets, your screened in deck becomes an unusable space for a few months. When the time comes, don’t forget these tips for weather proofing your patio.

Opt for Plastic Sheeting

One option to protect your screened in deck and all it’s contents during the winter months is to apply a clear plastic sheeting to the interior of the space. This can provide a moisture barrier and help keep any other debris from entering the space. If you’re looking for something with a greater ability to protect your space, consider having Plexiglass panels cut to size and creating a simple clip system to easily install and remove them.

Store Your Patio Furniture

While patio furniture and all the cute decorations you have around your screened in deck are meant to hold up against the elements, continued time outside in more consistent inclement weather can wear down the furniture materials prematurely. Finding a secure dry place to store these items will help them last so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

If you aren’t worried about moisture in your screened in deck space, look towards your house to prepare for cooler temperatures. Making sure you have a good seal around your doors and windows will stop any chills that may try and creep inside.

If you find yourself needing to install a screened in deck or have your screen repaired due to seasonal damage, contact Central Florida Screens today!