book-wormPerhaps you’re a bookworm. You love to read, whether it’s on your Kindle or you love the smell of a well-loved, hardcover book. One of your favorite things to do in the winter is curl up in your favorite recliner with a hot cup of tea and just read on the weekends. On the flip-side, in the summer you love laying by the pool with a great action-packed read.

Okay maybe wintertime is a bit touch and go.

If you love to read, one of the most rejuvenating feelings is starting your morning reading outside. Or perhaps spending your day following the shade patch around your yard as you enjoy a great book. Here in Florida, you can spend most of the year outside, and there is rarely a bad time to curl up with a good book. While you might want to avoid the humidity or the chillier winter days, a majority of days are excellent to be outside. However, if you have to drag a porch chair out every time you want to read, it can often feel like a hassle. Between that and the bug, why bother? If you love to read and don’t have a 3-season room then you’re missing out.

Let your 3-season room be your perfect reading space.

When you choose to add a 3-season room that is screened in on to your home, you’re creating a space that can be used for many things including as your perfect reading space. You can pick out furniture that is comfy, weather resistant, and best of all, doesn’t have to be dragged around. You’re also creating a space that can be free of bugs so you don’t have to worry about something flying right into your drink.

Enjoy the benefits that come with having the perfect space to read outside when you have Central Florida Screens install a 3-season room to your home. Call and schedule your install today!