Screened in porches and pool enclosures can add a special something to your home. They enable you to have more square-footage to your living space. The whole family can enjoy the extra space. And screened porches, rooms, and pool enclosures give your feathered or four-legged friends some extra space. Of course, not all creatures are welcome in your space. In this week’s blog, we will briefly look at a few animal related issues and their connection to screened rooms.


  • With the recent Zika virus scare, mosquitos are on the top of everyone’s list of pests to keep away from.
  • To make sure you don’t foster your own population of home-grown mosquitos.
    Be sure to check regularly for standing water, such as in the dishes under plants and in the water bowels of pets
  • A screened in porch or screened room will allow you to enjoy the cool air of Florida evenings, but to stay safe from harmful mosquitoes.


  • If you are a person who doesn’t like birds, a screened-in porch will put some distance between you and them.
  • If you are a bird lover, a screened in porch can enable you to have a pet bird.
  • You can keep your bird cage outside to avoid bird dander and feather being in your home.
  • If you like your feathered companion being in the house, where they are safe from theft and predators, you can still use the screened in porch for them.
  • If you have a bird in the parrot family, that will come back to you; you can let it have a bit of free-flying in a screened in porch.
  • If you keep your bird out on the porch in the summertime, be sure to keep an eye on the temperature. If your bird is panting, take it inside.

Cats and Dogs

  • A screened pool enclosure or a screened room can be a boon in the life of a cat or dog.
  • If your cat is an indoor cat, time in the screened-in area can mean a chance for them to hear and smell the world without being able to get out and run away.
  • Outdoor cats have a significantly shorter life than indoor only cats and a screened in porch is a way to give them a bit more space and enable them to really feel like they are outside.
  • It is important to train them not to try to climb the screen and to take them indoors at night in case a raccoon decides to come for a visit through the screen.
  • If this does happen, call us, and we’ll come out and repair the damage.
  • For cats and dogs that are allowed to come and go as they please a door with a doggie door can be the perfect addition to your screened room.


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