Do you have a lovely backyard, but find that you never make time to enjoy it? Does your family enjoy grilling in the balmy summer evenings but discover that you’re constantly running for the shelter of the house when biting insects decide to make an appearance. At Central Florida Screens, we specialize in helping people make the most of their Daytona yards by building screen porches. Not sure whether adding a screened-in porch is right for your home? Consider some of the proven benefits.

Get An Added Room At Half The Cost

If you find that you’re constantly wishing you had extra space in which to entertain, work on craft projects, or just sit down and enjoy a good book, you may have considered constructing an additional room on your home. Unfortunately, this type of work requires an experienced contractor, lots of chaos in your home during demolition, and a lot of upfront investment. With one of our screen porches, you get all the benefit of an extra room at a much lower cost than an internal room.

Protection From Florida’s Bugs

You don’t have to live in Daytona for very long to realize that insects flourish here. With lots of warm weather and humidity, it seems that we’re always swatting away one type of bug or another. Don’t let the bugs force you inside! With our screen porches, you can enjoy the lovely weather without fear of being bitten.

Increased Resale Value For Screen Porches

The extra space and aesthetic appeal of a screen porch adds value to your home, and can be used as a feature for attracting buyers should you ever decide to sell. Again, it’s an extra room without the hassle and cost of building an internal room.

Want to know more about why our customers love their screen porches? Contact Central Florida Screens for a free quote today!