playspace-bigPreviously on the blog, we talked about how a screen porch or 3-season room can be the perfect designated playspace for the kids in your life. We noted that a screened in space can protect your children from mosquitoes, water hazards, and animals you may not want them playing with. Along with these benefits that protect your children, having a screened-in porch or 3-season room attached to your house provides additional benefits for your child’s safety when you use it as a designated playspace.  

Provides Visual Boundaries

While older children are able to understand abstract boundaries on where they can and cannot go, younger children do not. Having concrete visual boundaries that indicate where they can and cannot be will help to keep younger children confined to a safe space. This can keep them from doing things like running out into the street or walking up to strangers. They understand that they need to stay in the screened porch or 3-season room to play, and that the screen walls are their boundary line.

Unplugs Kids

One of the biggest complaints that many parents have is that their children spend too much time in front of the TV or on the tablet. Providing a bug-free designated playspace that is outdoors allows kids to get away from the TV and still have a space set up just for them. This space can include board games, cozy reading chairs, or other activities. This area allows them to be in a safe space and also to get fresh air that is outside the house.

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