One of the worst parts of summer, in any state within the US, are the mosquitoes that come out and fearlessly eat you alive. When the humidity gets ridiculous, it’s not unexpected that there are plenty of mosquitoes that will be around. Luckily, there are plenty of products that have been designed to keep mosquitoes as far away as possible, and while they are all fantastic ways to enjoy the summer without getting bitten, the additional screen enclosure of a porch or pool is one of the only ways that you can ensure they aren’t sneaking in.

In the case that you’d like to be extra safe from getting any bites this summer, here are a few of the products that you can consider using within your screened enclosure to deter them from getting close to any of the fun stuff going on.


One of the newer methods that we’ve seen used to keep bugs away is candles. This fun and creative method offer a safe space from the mosquitoes without having to douse yourself in bug spray. We all know how sticky and smelly that can get. Luckily, these candles don’t smell quite like the spray, and they offer the same DEET protection that all bug sprays do. That way, you can easily put one out on the patio table, a side table on your front porch, or leave one on the deck (with the help of precautions to keep it from tipping), and enjoy the mosquito free area.


If you’re imaging the hangers that you hang clothes up with, that is not in the slightest what we’re talking about. One of the newer methods of bug repellent are these small little disks that you can hang! With the help of an easy to use clip, you can attach this disk to your clothing, your gazebo, or on something inside of your enclosed porch. These are a nice option because they’re crafty in regards to their look. In having a crafty look, and a scent that is odorless to people, you can count on an enjoyable time in a space with a product that continues to keep bugs away.

The one thing that you should consider about this product, is that it does lose strength the more that it’s exposed to the outdoors. If you’re going to leave one outside constantly, you are going to want to keep a few on hand so that if a big event where plenty of people outside does happen, you can feel confident in a fresh hanger to add to the space and keep the bugs away.


This is another product that has recently come out and is a pretty cool when you look at the functionality of it. These little sticks burn like incense but make a small presence to the common person. However, while their presence might not be noticeable to many people around, the little bit of smoke that they do let off is one that can keep mosquitoes away from the group of people enjoying themselves. What makes these particular bug repellents nice is that they don’t require an open flame, so leaving them to burn themselves is easy so long as they aren’t laid directly onto anything. When you use them, you can stick them into the sides of your deck, and tilt them away from the wood so that they aren’t close to anything. This leaves them out of mind, out of sight, and we’ve already mentioned the odorless smell!

If none of the products that we’ve mentioned in this post are quite up your alley, you can visit the bug repellent isle in your local home goods store and there are plenty of other products that offer incredible results that we hadn’t mentioned above.

Minimize a number of mosquitoes that you have to deal with this summer with the help of all these products that we mentioned above, but also with the help of an incredibly crafted screen enclosure. Call Central Florida Screens, LLC for more information on the process, a consultation on your project, and the various options that you have with the project. Call us today and let’s get started!