Perhaps you love golfing at the local country club and after a long day, enjoy sitting and watching the sun set on the veranda.  Maybe you love the reuben sandwich that the your favorite deli in Orlando serves, and if only they had patio screens they would have the perfect view over the neighborhood lake.

While many of us love to enjoy nature, we don’t always enjoy the bugs or intense heat that comes with being outdoors.  As the Florida summer ramps up, you want to be able to enjoy the wonderful weather, but you want to be able to enjoy it while still feeling completely comfortable.

Bring in More Clients

If you’re a business owner who provides goods and services that can be utilized at an outdoor facility, you want to make sure that your outdoor spaces can be fully enjoyed.  Not all spaces can be bug-proofed or heat-proofed, but providing spaces such as patios, outdoor eating spaces, and decks can go a long way to “wowing” customers.

Maybe your clients have already asked for patio screens on the veranda.  Or perhaps you’ve seen a reduction in clients wanting to sit outside because they can’t stand the bugs living near the water.  Whatever reason, installing patio screens can help reduce the heat aggravating your customers or keep the buzzing mosquitos at bay.    
Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial patio screen installation services, Central Florida Screens can be there for you!  We do custom installation and repairs for any of your screening needs.  We’ll help you keep your customers happy and coming back again and again.