accessorize-1Perhaps you have a 3-season room attached to your Orlando home. Or maybe you’ve thought about adding one so you can enjoy the space and being outdoors most of the year. No 3-season room is quite complete until you have fully furnished and accessorized the space for usability and comfort. Consider these additions after your 3-season room installation by Central Florida Screens.

Unique Fan

For days that are especially muggy, you’ll want to have the perfect fan in place on your screened in deck or your 3-season room. If your space has a solid ceiling, you need to run the wiring for a fan. Consider choosing something that is light and fun. Perhaps a fan that has large, leaf-like blades. You can also find fan blade covers that can help you regularly change up the feel of the space with ease.

Area Rug

When you wake up in the morning and walk out to your 3-season room to enjoy your coffee, you don’t want to walk barefoot on a cold or rough floor. Having an all-weather area rug that fits the space will help keep your feet happy and allow you to add a personal touch that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Outdoor Furniture

No space is complete without the appropriate furniture. Because your 3-season room is exposed to the outdoor elements, you should choose furniture designed to withstand rain and other precipitation, but choose something cozy and appropriate for the size of the space. You can always decorate the space with different throw pillows and accessories in order to change up the feel.

Contact Central Florida Screens to have a 3-season room installed at your Orlando home today! You will love using the space and accessorizing it to match your personal tastes. Call now!