Often times, there are individuals that are on the fence about adding a screened enclosure to their space because they’re not sure if this is the best option when they also have the option of a full wall enclosure. While there are surely many benefits to a full enclosure, there is a reason that screens are one of the primary materials that are used for enclosures and additions to homes.

Central Florida Screens adds high-quality screens to the spaces that homeowners value the most. From porches to pools, we have added this durable material to create a new space for you to enjoy. Our blog today is going to dive into some of the benefits of the screen material and the reasons that it is such a great choice to make.


One of the primary benefits of having a screened enclosure, as opposed to a closed-off enclosure, is the airflow. By having a material that the natural Orlando breeze can work through, you now have a space where ventilation and temperature control is more enjoyable. If you go through with adding a fully closed off space to your home, you also have to worry about the air ducts, electric, and ventilation that you’ll need to make this space comfortable. Otherwise, you can look forward to having a stuffy room to spend additional time in, which is certainly not what you were looking for when you had the initial idea to create the space.

If it’s a pool that you’re enclosing, this is also nice because the chemicals that you’ll be using to ensure your pool is clean won’t come off as overwhelming. This is another item that gets overlooked often and becomes an afterthought when the space has already been created.


While the material may not be super thick, it is a barrier that you now have from the space and the outdoors. That’s especially nice if you plan on enjoying this space with friends and family. You can now immediately eliminate the issue of bugs, debris, leaves, animals and the like from getting into the space. This is a huge benefit for pools that are outdoors and would often need to be cleaned more frequently because of it. This one project immediately reduces the amount of maintenance that you’ll have to complete for the pool.

This is also great if you are enclosing a porch or a patio that you plan on entertaining on. The last thing that anyone wants is to have to worry about insects or debris being blown into the middle of a dinner party, and given the wind force in Orlando, this isn’t such an unrealistic thing.

Sunlight Management

The sun is powerful out here in Florida, which can really deter people from spending additional time outside if they don’t have to. If you are someone that would ultimately like to spend more time outdoors, but you don’t want to deal with all the intensified rays of the sun, adding a screen is a great solution.

It may not seem like much, but these screens are able to reduce the amount of glare and heat that the sun creates, which allows for you to immediately feel more comfortable when you’re in these spaces. It’s great for both extremes of temperature; from the unbearably hot days that we experience often, to the chilly days where even the thinnest of barriers can greatly reduce the wind flow, this is a great option.

It may not seem like a thick material or the more durable of all options, but the reality is that screen is a fantastic choice to make if you do just want something that will provide you with that little extra to create a space that you can enjoy.

If you’re interested in getting a quick quote on having your porch or pool enclosed, feel free to reach out and contact the team at Central Florida Screens. We can sit down with you and give you an honest consultation on what it would take to create the space that you’ve envisioned and what the project would look like moving forward. With years of experience in the industry, we are truly the one company that you can constantly rely on for high-quality results.