In sunny Central Florida, there are thousands of swimming pools. Look around your neighborhood, chances are most people have pools in their backyard, even if they’re just small ones. Even though Daytona and Orlando have plenty of beaches nearby, Floridians love the added convenience of a pool so that they can cool off without having to travel all the way to the coastline. If you’ve got a pool or are thinking about adding one to your property, it’s important to also consider pool enclosures. There are several different ways to enclose a pool, but each of them comes along with some very desirable benefits you may not expect.

Fewer Chemicals

Did you know that building pool enclosures can actually help reduce the number of chemicals necessary to keep your pool water clean and sanitary? Use too many of these chemicals and the people swimming in your pool may complain of irritated skin and eyes. Because pool enclosures reduce exposure to phosphates, environmental pollutants, and harmful pathogens that can contaminate your pool’s water, the result is a reduced need for chemicals. This saves you money and results in happier swimmers!

Extended Swimming Season

Some pool enclosures can be quite elaborate, including heating systems and ventilation that make it possible to use your pool all year round. If you’re always sad when it’s time to close up the pool for the winter months, a pool enclosure could be the key to getting as much as possible from your investment.

Reduced Liability

One big drawback to installing a pool on your property is the increased liability. It makes sense that your homeowners insurance will increase dramatically with the installation of the pool, because you’ve essentially adding a risk for injury and death that wasn’t there before. In order to operate your pool safely and responsibly, many insurance companies suggest the addition of a pool enclosure. An enclosure prevents small children and strangers from wandering into your pool without supervision or permission, thus reducing your risk of a costly lawsuit.

Less Time Spent Cleaning

Another thing that can sometimes take away from the level of enjoyment that pools provide is all the time that you have to spend cleaning them. Tree pollen, dead leaves, bugs and spiders, bees and ants, kids toys, and lots of other stuff somehow always finds its way into your pool on the very day you want to enjoy it. Instead of swimming, you end up spending an hour skimming stuff off the surface and vacuuming dirt off the bottom. With a screen pool enclosure, you’ll still have all the feeling of being outside, without the added chore of cleaning nature out of your pool!

Solar Heated Water

If you choose a full pool enclosure made of glass or other insulating materials, you’ll find that they are very effective at trapping the heat from sunlight. This not only increases the temperature of the room, it can also heat the water! Electric pool heaters cost lots of money to install and use, but with pool enclosures, you can enjoy warm water for free.

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