Looking around the central Florida area, you’re likely to see pools in the backyards of many homes. Even though the ocean is so close, you can’t deny the convenience and privacy of your own place in which to take a dip. You get to control who swims in your pool and unlike the beach, the pool never closes! For safety and reduced maintenance requirements, many people choose to install pool enclosures at their Daytona or Orlando home. If you’re thinking about adding this valuable 3 season room to your property, here are some popular options to consider.

Screen Enclosures

There’s a reason that screen enclosures are the most popular type of pool enclosures in Daytona. Not only are they relatively easy to construct, they also allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still getting the benefits of being indoors. Screen enclosures typically feature mesh, much like a window screen, that’s stretched between the bars of an aluminum frame. This keeps the bugs and people out, while letting the sunshine and wind in.

Glass Enclosures

If your budget allows for it, there are some added benefits of choosing glass pool enclosures over screen enclosures. Glass pool enclosures trap heat, which allows you to enjoy warmer water without having to pay to heat it manually. Glass enclosures also keep out the wind and rain, meaning that you can often use your pool year round.

Glass Enclosures With Retractable Roofs

Those who are looking for a truly luxurious swimming experience may choose to install a glass enclosure with a retractable roof. Unlike stationary glass enclosures that block out the wind and make it feel like you’re swimming at the YMCA, a retractable roof allows you to enjoy the sun and breeze when the weather is nice.

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