Get a pool, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

We’ve all had those instances where something that was intended to be enjoyable really turned out to be an additional chore. Swimming pools provide us with a place to cool down when it’s hot, a low impact workout when we’re hurting, and an easy to access place to let our children burn off some energy when they’re simply too much to handle. However, they also require us to spend our own downtime cleaning out leaves and making it a space that we actually want to enjoy.

Central Florida Screens has a solution that you can’t beat – a screened pool enclosure – but there are quite a few things that keep people held up on actually getting their pool enclosure. Whether it be the price, the timing or you’re simply just waiting for this project to get moving, our team has a few tips that we learned that make cleaning the pool just a little bit easier.

Scrub Regularly

The scum line of your pool is one of the most time-consuming chores that you’ll have to do as a pool owner, and it’s also one that will happen regardless of having an enclosure or not. This particular task can take some serious time to get done if you let it get to a point where the scum line is so thick on the tile that scrubbing even the smallest area is a task.

Rather than let this scum line build up, do your best to scrub down the scum line whenever you notice it start to form. Even the slightest bit of build up could easily be the start of some serious build up which will require you to dedicate all of your time to a day on the edge of the pool cleaning it till your prints are raw.


The cleanliness of your pool is fully dependant on the chemicals that you’re putting in your pool. They’re a necessary evil, but they do leave your pool clean to the point of it being enjoyable. Even when you’re not using your pool on a regular basis, being consistent with the chemicals that you’re putting into your pool can make a serious difference in how dirty your pool gets dirty.

The issue with this is that there are weeks, if not months, where the pool can go and sit without anyone playing or enjoying the water. It’s similar to that saying “out of sight, out of mind”, as soon as the pool isn’t being played in, the balance and routine of caring for it aren’t being followed through with, which leads to an overall dirtier pool.

Water Level Management

While you may not see it as a direct correlation to cleaning, the amount of water that you have in your pool can affect a lot of the things that are going wrong with it. It’s easy for water to build up when there’s rain that’s pooling into your pool, but even more so, when there are clogs in a drain or filtration isn’t working well.

Get familiar with your water level and know when it’s too high to be normal. In the case that it is, you’ll see that the scum line shows up quicker, the water is harder to see through and it may even get a smell that lingers in the space. The reasoning behind this is because the chemicals that you’re putting in the water are proportioned to a certain amount of water, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to perform the same way when there’s more water than should be.

Invest in an Enclosure

If you didn’t see this coming, then you haven’t seen the benefits that this investment truly has. This is honestly the best way to keep your pool clean, safe and make the most of the space that you have. If you’re ready for a solution to more than one problem, you can count on a team of professionals like the one Central Florida Screens. We’ll factor in the size of your pool, the features that you’d like to have included in your space and the price so that you can have the absolute best enclosure for your area.

At the end of the day, cleaning your pool will always be a chore, so make the most of it through easy tips, but know when there are other options that could make the situation better, like an enclosure that blocks a lot of the issues off.

Each of these tips does make cleaning the pool easier, but the best thing we ever did was invest our money into an enclosure. With the screened pool enclosure, we no longer have to worry about the various parts of nature that make their way to the water. At this point, all we really do is kick back, relax, and cross a finger that those energy-burning-kids don’t poop in the pool.