seasonal_1_bigFall is starting to set in across the nation and while here in Florida, we don’t get a particularly noteworthy fall, the seasons are definitely changing. It’s time to start thinking about closing down your personal pool in the next month or so, though the local weather would suggest otherwise. Either way, as you continue to enjoy the remnants of the summer in your pool, you might want to think about all the different things that our current and past clients aren’t having to worry about because of their pool screen enclosures.

Reduce the Skimming

We know that there is no avoiding bugs in Florida, but during fall and into winter there is definitely a noted decrease in the amount of creepy crawlies that are around. However, during these transitioning months, many bugs die off unceremoniously in your pool. If you want to enjoy your pool, it means you’re going to be spending a lot of time skimming the water to remove all the dead bugs that could easily get in your hair or other awkward places. When you call Central Florida Screens and have a new pool screen enclosure installed, you’ll quickly see reduced skimming and cleaner water all year round.

Say No to Leaves

While the Northeast is seeing beautiful color changes in their foliage, here in Florida, we don’t have to worry about the leaf raking that others have to. However, plants do become dormant and annuals die off. Palm leaves and other plant debris can quickly accumulate in your pool during this time of the year if it is exposed to all the elements. A pool screen enclosure can quickly reduce the amount of plant debris that finds its way into your pool and causes you frustration.

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