A screened enclosure can seem like something absolutely unnecessary to add to your home. It’s not really so bad to have to clean the pool every single day, and it doesn’t look that bad without it, right? Well, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that cleaning the pool on a daily basis is definitely a task that we hadn’t anticipated, and it would look so much better if there was a nice enclosure to go around the pool.

While it may seem like something entirely unnecessary, there are a few reasons that you can feel good about having your outdoor pool enclosed. Aside from it being a major investment, it will add so much to your life and the overall enjoyment that you experience in the pool. Here are just five of the main ones that you should think over before deciding that you really don’t need to add to your home.

Minimize Heat

There is not a single resident in Florida who has not made a joke about the unbearable temperatures this state is capable of reaching. If you’ve lived here for a while, then the pool that you have at your home is probably one of the solutions that you found to make the heat bearable. Well, this is a fantastic idea! Except for, the sun that still beams down into the pool, warming it up and making the cement, tiles or whatever material it is that you’ve had the pool installed in, extremely hot to the touch. Even when you’re in the pool, the temperatures can get so high that you find yourself dunking yourself just to maintain the cool feeling of the pool.

This shouldn’t be the case. With a screened enclosure, the heat of the sunshine can be minimized. Because of the material that is used to create this enclosure, we are able to reduce some of that heat that is experienced when in the pool. What’s great about this is that you’re still able to enjoy the outside views, and the overall warmth of Florida, but you have a little bit more control with the help of the screen. This will help keep family, pets and the pool itself, cool throughout summer.

Increase Value

Whether you’re buying a new house, considering selling your current home, or you are simply trying to increase the value of your home, adding a screened enclosure is a fantastic way to do so. In fact, with pools, the value is already increased, but it’s incredible how much the screened enclosure can contribute to an overall value of your home. The way to really look at this portion of your home is as an additional room and space for you to enjoy and relax, which is pretty difficult to put a number on as is.

If you’re curious whether this is true, there are three reasons that this is the case that you can rely on. First, people buying homes in Florida are always looking for homes with a pool. This in itself is a reason to invest in a house in the Daytona area, but when there is a cover over it, the value of the pool goes up. It provides all of the other benefits we’ve mentioned in this post and many others to the new homeowner too. Second, It adds to the square footage of your house. As an enclosed space, you’re able to add this into the overall numbers when calculating square footage that you’re selling. Lastly, the quality of the enclosure that you design is one that you can use as a selling point for a home. If you have a pool that looks nice, and you invest in a quality company like CFL Screens to build a screen around your pool, then you can count on this becoming a space that people want to spend time, which definitely increases the value of a home.

We are only just getting started with the many reasons that adding a screen enclosure to your pool is one of the most beneficial things that you can. If you’re eager to hear what other reasons we’ve got up our sleeve, make sure to check back in the next couple of days!