In our last blog post, we started talking about a few of the reasons that investing in a screen enclosure for your pool is so beneficial. There have been plenty of times that we’ve talked about these benefits, but you don’t truly realize how necessary they are until you have finally installed one around your very own pool. Today we are going to continue to cover a few more reasons that we suggest you take a chance and invest in your screen enclosure.


Now, Florida isn’t known for the crazy amounts of wild deer or bears, but there are some different types of animals that we do have to worry about. How about, for instance, all of the alligators that make their way around the town. This is a major case, of course, but it isn’t unheard of. At Central Florida Screens, we have to stand by reason number three as one of the most important reasons. Aside from dangerous animals being attracted to water, there are also plenty of small animals that make their way to the water and wind up drowning. This is a downside for both parties, and can be avoided with the addition of a screen enclosure.


A pool itself requires quite a bit of maintenance. One of the main reasons that it does require so much cleaning, is because of the nature that surrounds it. If you have trees that surround it, you can guarantee that there will be leaves in the water at some point or another. There will also likely be bugs, rain water, dirt and all sorts of other pieces of your yard that make their way to your pool.

Because of the various types of nature that make their way to the water, you can count on having to clean the pool at least once a day if you’re going to want to keep it clean. When you leave it without being cleaned for a while, not only does it seem less enjoyable to go swimming in your pool, but it also increases the chances of your filters and drain being clogged. In the case that this happens, you could find yourself in a much more expensive situation.

With the help of a screened enclosure, you can cut down a ton of time that would usually be spent working on maintenance. If you don’t currently have a cover on your pool, then chances are this is the reason that’s standing out to you the most, and for some people, it’s the reason that definitely pays itself back.

Quality Coverage & Energy Savings

The entire project that we will take on allows for us to build you a beautiful coverage for your pool, but it does so much more than that. At the end of every project, it’s hard not to look at the enclosure that we’ve created and see all of the value that it brings to a space. It provides a comfortable area to hang out with your family and friends, minimizes the amount of maintenance that you’re going to need to do, and can save you an incredible amount of energy.

The last reason that we’re going to focus on today is that of the energy that a pool enclosure can provide to your space. While it may seem like a strange thing to have to consider the energy of a pool, the amount of money that you spend on heating your pool is pretty crazy, and in order to maintain that, you need to reduce the amount of sun that is hitting the water and warming it up.

The best way to think about this is to relate it to your HVAC system. When you set a specific temperature, your thermostat will do whatever it takes to meet that temperature, and when outside factors are changing it, it has to work extra hard. The sun beats on your pool throughout the day, but when it’s gone, the night cools it. Rather than try and outsmart the thermostat (believe us, you aren’t the first person to try), it’s better to invest in the coverage that will allow for you to maintain the temperature of your pool better.

This investment is incredible, and it’s one that you’ll feel great about. If you’re ready for a consultation, contact Central Florida Screens, LLC and we can set up a time to meet with you and provide you with a better idea on what to expect. Call our team today for more information.