Whether you buy a home in the central Florida area that already has a pool on the property, or you opt to have a brand new pool installed in your backyard, you will want your investment to last. In order for your pool to last you for years, it needs to be taken care of properly and given the additional tender love and care it will occasionally need. Part of that care means keeping the the water clean and debris-free. If you could do one thing that could help your pool long term, wouldn’t you want to do it? Installing a screened pool enclosure to your Orlando home’s backyard pool can not only help keep pesky critters away from you and your family, it can also help prolong the life of your pool.

Protect Your Pool Pump and Filter

The number one thing you can do in order to extend the life of your pool pump and filter is to get a screened pool enclosure. A high-quality pool enclosure installed by Central Florida Screens is able to keep out many different types of debris, from plant life to bugs, that can often get caught in your filtration system. The easier it is for your pool pump to do its job, the longer it will last. You don’t want to constantly be needing to clean out your filtration system and pool pump from problems that could be avoided. Having a pool enclosure will make sure that your pool pump does it’s job fully and isn’t hindered unnecessarily.

Protect Your Deck

You pool pump and filtration system isn’t the only thing that needs to be protected by a pool enclosure. In fact, your deck can benefit from having a pool enclosure, and your feet will thank you. By opting for a pool enclosure and including pool enclosure gutters, this will help move masses of water away from you deck, providing it added protection. The screened pool enclosure will also help keep the deck clean by keeping excess debris off of it, reducing the wear and tear. You can also opt for partially or fully covered pool enclosures from Central Florida Screens. This can help also protect your deck from the constant Florida sun that heats up the ground, protecting your feet as well.


Protect Your Pool From Peeping-Toms

While this won’t necessarily protect your pool from physical damage, too many onlookers may make you feel like filling in your pool. This doesn’t have to be the case when you get a pool enclosure from Central Florida Screen with privacy walls. Whether you’d prefer not to see your neighbors sunbathing, or you don’t want to be observed splashing about in your backyard with in your busy neighborhood, privacy screening is an option to solve these problems. With privacy screening installed on your pool enclosure walls, you can enjoy not being able to see your neighbors and vis versa. But you’ll still be able to enjoy the bright sun and blue skies.

Contact Central Florida Screens today to have your Orlando home pool enclosure installed to help keep your pool a happy and safe place for years to come. Call us today!