With so many hurricanes on the horizon, it’s not unnatural to want to do anything that you can to ensure that you, your family, and your home are as ready as you can be for the weather that’s about to hit. Central Florida Screens know all about having to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Since there are so many things that you should be aware of, here are some of the things to prioritize as these hurricanes get closer to our beautiful state of Florida.

Contact Your Insurance

Hurricane and flooding insurance is something that we’re all required to have while living in Florida. Unfortunately, one of the things that happen quite a bit is that people think that they have coverage through their homeowner’s insurance, but that isn’t always the case. If you are in an area where hurricane damage may occur, one of the things that you can do is call your insurance company and get a better idea of the coverage that you have in the case that the hurricane does hit your home.

This isn’t one of the physical preparations that you’ll complete for your home, but some of the things that your insurance company can provide you with will help you in the long run. For instance, do they require that you take pictures of your property before any damage is done? Or are there certain steps you need to complete before getting your coverage? Will you need to have a list of your possessions that you would like to have covered? These types of questions can make all the difference when you’re hoping to get some money back on the damage that’s happened.You won’t regret taking this step in advance.

Care for Windows

Windows are one of the more obvious items that you’ll have to take care of when a hurricane is on its way. The main reason that you need to make sure they are taken care of is that of the danger that they could pose if they break. Start by making sure that any seals and cracks around the windows are sealed and tight. The best way to do this is through caulk, which will quickly dry and makes the process pretty affordable.

After you’ve done this and depending on the area that you’re living in, you’re going to want to board your windows up. This is only really necessary if winds are expected to be high enough to really pose a threat to the items around your house and there’s a chance that they may be high enough to break through the windows on their own. If that is the scenario that you’re stuck in, then boarding up the windows with some plywood is the next step. This serves as a great barrier for your home when the winds do reach those speeds, but as we mentioned prior, it’s primary job is to reduce the chances of any injury through broken glass.

If you’re in a crunch for time, using cardboard can be just as beneficial. It won’t serve as quite the same barrier, but it will provide you with protection from any glass if a window does break.

Check Your Gutters

One of the smaller things that you can do to ensure that your home is even the slightest bit more prepared for a storm on the level of a hurricane is to check your gutters and drains. This is something that isn’t enjoyable to do even when the weather is looking great, this is something that will definitely wind up providing positive results when poor weather hits.

As the rain and debris start to get heavy, the roof of your home takes a hit. Without gutters and drains that are cleared and working as they should be, this type of damage can create bigger problems, like a roof that sinks in, leaks, or damage to the foundation of your home. All of the larger problems that this could cause are expensive and require quite a bit of time and money to fix, so it’s best to just take a couple of hours and make sure that your gutters are entirely cleared and that your drains can properly filter all of the collected water off your roof and away from the foundation of your home.

Clear the Yard

When winds get up to the speeds that we’re accustomed to seeing during hurricanes, they become capable of picking up items and throwing them around. The force of winds that we see during hurricane season is one of the main reasons that we do wind up having to invest in insurance.

If you have a table, chairs, decorations, or anything of the sort, in your yard, you are going to want to make sure that you clear as much as possible. Winds can take items of all sizes and blow them through windows and walls. Pack your lawn furniture away, grab as many toys or decorations as you can and store them so that they are safe from the winds and you’re safe from them when the wind does start up.

If you have a screened enclosure, you will still want to put as much of the furniture that you have and get it out of the way of the openings. Screened enclosures do provide a little bit more of a barrier than full exposure, but they aren’t always able to protect your properties from the wind. Even if it’s just a step of precaution, make sure that any screened pool enclosures or screened deck enclosures are cleared of all the times that could pose a danger. Always make sure that you are doing as much research as possible to ensure that you are doing everything possible to ensure the best outcome possible.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to ensure that your home is prepared for when a hurricane comes along. The damage that these storms are capable of doing is something that we have yet to understand or even imagine a way to prevent. By taking the initiative to prepare you’re already providing yourself with one of the best possible outcomes.

We hope that this hurricane season isn’t a bad one and that our beautiful state can make a quick recovery from the damage that mother nature throws our way. From our family to yours, stay safe in the next couple of weeks. If you are in need of any repairs to your screened enclosure after the matter, Central Florida Screens is here to help. Contact our Daytona office and we’ll get your services scheduled.