When you are considering upgrading your pool area, there are some simple thing you can do to completely transform the area to be the oasis you’ve always dreamed of having. We’ll go over some ideas in this week’s blog.

Screen Enclosure for Your Pool 

When you put a screen enclosure around your pool, you will be able to enact a transformation that will turn your pool from an outdoor recreation spot to an indoor/outdoor luxury terrace. On temperate days, you can leave your home open to nature and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere you create around your pool. It is a great addition that will make it feel as though you’ve added hundreds of square feet to your home. You’ll be so excited to have this extra indoor/outdoor space, we bet you’ll find yourself BBQing and having people over more often. The screen enclosure will keep you, your family and your lucky guests free from pests. No more slapping mosquitos or fishing palmetto bugs or June bugs the size of matchbox cars out of the pool before diving in. Leaves, debris, and critters will all be held at bay by your screened pool enclosure.

Design Ideas

When you have your pool area enclosed by a durable screened enclosure, it gives you another space to decorate The screen enclosure defines the space, and you get to define it!

Mediterranean Crispness

If your area lends itself to the simplicity of white and blue, go with it! Think of a view of a Greek village with white stucco buildings and turquoise blue sky. Stick with simple furnishings with maybe a dash of curry red to excite the eye. This type of design is perfect for an adult retreat. Plants that work well with this are succulents or fruit bearing bushes like figs. Brown wicker couches and chairs with light cushions and colorful throw pillows will make your design complete.

Fun in the Sun

If you and your family are the types to enjoy the sun as much as possible, what could make it better than the company of friends? Lots of deck chairs and loungers can make friends feel welcomed. Get a large storage bin for all easy clean up of pool noodles, air mattresses, and other pool toys. An outdoor mini fridge for sodas and beer will keep wet feet outdoors and your floors dry. Lights strung from the ceiling of the screened pool enclosure can make night swimming enchanting. If you have the floor space, you can get a frame for a hammock or swing chair. The screens will allow you to nap outdoors without worrying about waking up with a Palmetto bug on your nose. Make sure you choose stain resistant furnishings so your and the kids can relax while the fun is going on. If you like modern furnishings, you can easily use them in a family friendly-themed decor. Bright colors and simple shapes are cheerful and modern.

Check back in the future for more ideas about designing your screened in pool enclosure. If you have been tempted into installing one around your pool, call us for an estimate.