When you live in Florida, and specifically the Daytona and Orlando areas, you can assume that friends and relatives from up north will find their way to the area and your pool for some winter relief! Whether you are expecting your sister and brother-in-law, and all their kids, from Ohio, or your Aunt Margaret from New Jersey, you want to make sure they feel welcomed, at home, and comfortable. Here at Central Florida Screens, we know you want to welcome them with open arms, and an open pool! We’ve come up with some tips on how to welcome these seasonal visitors and maintain your sanity.

Have the Pool Ready!

At 73 degrees, the average February temperature in Florida might feel cool to people who live here year round, but you know that when your family and friends who have been shoveling snow are here, they’ll think it is warm! They will gleefully put on shorts and flip flops while residents will be seizing the chance to put on their favorite sweater. You can be sure they’ll take advantage of your pool, especially if it’s heated. You can sit outside with them “freezing” while they paddle and dive to their heart’s content. Your screened-in pool area will show the glory of Florida, where they can be outside in the middle of winter without having to bundle up!

No Uninvited Guests!

No, we are not talking about your Uncle Joe and his fat cigars, we are talking about bugs, reptiles, and other creepy crawlies. Visitors to Florida can get squeamish when it comes to encountering the diversity of Florida wildlife in all its forms. Residents and visitors alike are creeped out by palmetto bugs. The name is deceiving! Palmetto Bugs sounds like it should be a pleasant bug, but now, it’s really just another name for the American Cockroach, a large, flying cockroach. If your guests have never had the dubious pleasure of seeing one of these, it won’t take you too long once they’ve arrived. What you don’t want your guests to do is to come screaming out of the pool when one flies by them. This scenario will never happen when you have a screened pool enclosure from Central Florida Screens. Besides palmetto bugs, your screened porch will help keep water bugs, snakes, and is a substantial barrier to the many species of lizards, geckos, and other unwanted visitors. Mosquitos deserve a special note too, especially since we have all been reminded that they carry disease, besides being pesky. A screened in pool enclosure will help to keep them out too!  I’m afraid we can’t help you with Uncle Joe.

Get Ready for Guests (the Ones you Want)

When you are expecting guests, there are some simple things you can do to make them feel at home and to reduce any stress that having guests can create. Here are some of our favorite tips to making your home ready for guests:

  • Clear some space for them in a dresser and/or the closet. This help them stay organized and so will help them have a relaxing
  • Set out a set of towels for each guest. Place towels on the bed so they don’t have to go looking for them.
  • If you are using an air mattress, test it out before they get there in case it doesn’t hold air or the sheets pop off every time you move. The time to work out the kinks is before your guests arrive.
  • Have extra blankets and pillows handy.
  • Make sure you have stocked the bathroom with toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream and other things that are hard to bring on an airplane nowadays.
  • Have a stash of maps, pamphlets and the local magazine that has an event calendar. Collect information on a wide range of things, and include some that you might not want to go to, but they might like.
  • Put a few books next to their bed that they can read during their visit.
  • Ask ahead of time if any of your guests have any dietary restriction, or if they rely on certain foods to start their day. If they are coffee drinkers, and you are not,  it can pay off to purchase a coffee or espresso machine. You will end up saving money when you figure in a daily habit of expensive lattes.
  • Brief your guests about what pets you have in your home in case they are allergic or have a phobia. It might be better for them to get a hotel room rather than have an asthma-related trip to the ER.  
  • If your guests will be venturing out on their own, be sure to have an extra key made so they can come and go easily.

We hope our its prove handy and we invite you to give us a call to learn our more about a screened-in pool enclosure.