During the summer, there is no better place to be than hanging out by your personal pool. Whether you grab a book to read and get some sun or you like to jump in the pool and play Marco Polo with your kids, there is nothing better than being allowed to relax and enjoy your pool. However, if you don’t have a screened pool enclosure in the Orlando area, you’re taking a chance and giving pests an opportunity to put a stop to your fun. Previously on the blog, we’ve talked about critters that can easily find their way into your Florida pool, causing you to have to call for help. There are also plenty of other things, like leaves and other debris, that can cause pool time to be canceled. These problems can all be reduced, if not completely solved, by the addition of a screened pool enclosure. But maybe you’ve considered having one installed previously, but didn’t want to lose precious pool time during the summer. With some companies, you may lose time and it may become a hassle, but not with Central Florida Screens.


One of the number one benefits to working with Central Florida Screens is that we are fast at screen installation. While other companies may make you wait on your screens and then take days to install on site, we won’t do that to you. Our window screens are done onsite promptly and our custom pool enclosures can be done almost as quickly. We won’t lollygag on your property; we’ll have your pool enclosure built and installed in as little as a single day. We don’t want to inconvenience you and keep you away from you pool, so you can trust us when we say we’ll be prompt and quick with your installation.


In many cases, when a company promises fast service, they typically sacrifice quality. Speed and quality rarely go hand in hand, however, when you opt to have your pool enclosure created and installed by the professionals at Central Florida Screens, you’ll know you’re in good hands. We only work with high-quality materials that will last. We make sure that our full-time staff is trained in all aspects of their job so they can execute with the utmost excellence on your personal pool enclosure. Don’t sacrifice on quality, because you simply don’t have to. With Central Florida Screens you can get speed and quality right here.  

Year-Round Installation

In addition to being able to quickly install your screened pool enclosure with high-quality screening materials, we provide screening services all year round. After all, this is Florida. Outside of there being an active hurricane, we will be there to provide you with the services you need. One of the best times of the year to have your pool enclosure installed is the fall and winter, the seasons you use your pool the least. That way, we’re the least disruptive of your regular activities and pooltime enjoyment.

Don’t let your pool enclosure be placed on hold because you think it will get in the way of your pooltime; let Central Florida Screens take care of all your pool enclosure needs promptly and professionally.