While we all might enjoy seeing wildlife out in the actual wild, when you get ready to go hang out in your backyard swimming pool, you aren’t exactly looking to go swimming with fish. In fact, having clean, clear water that’s the perfect temperature sounds the best to most people. But wildlife tends to have minds of their own. Along with providing safety for small children, pool screen enclosures can keep various critters out of your pool water and help you avoid any awkward surprises.


While alligators are very common place all over Florida, the last thing you want to do is find one in your pool. Imagine walking out back with your little maltese puppy, spotting a massive alligator lounging in your pool before you scoop up the pup and run inside. How would you feel? While it may be the norm, these intrusions can certainly be prevented with the help of a sturdy pool screen enclosure.


Two words seem to come to mind when describing raccoons: cute and cuddly. However, as one of the leading carriers of rabies in the nation, you don’t want raccoons sidling up to your pool to clean off their dinner while you’re safe in bed. A pool screen enclosure can help to keep the raccoons at bay and in the rivers and lakes where they belong.


Definitely less common than Florida alligators, Burmese pythons have been known to find their way into pools and other areas. They are less likely to cause any harm, mostly they’ll just give you a fright. No deaths have ever been reported from a Burmese python in Florida, however, with the ability to consume alligators and reach sizes that can be double the size of a tall man, you don’t want to mess around with one. Also keep an eye out for water moccasins and coral snakes, as they like to venture into water and are truly deadly.


More of a nuisance than something to be feared, crawfish have a way of crawling from swampy, wet areas into pools if there isn’t a pool screen enclosure to stop them. However, once in a pool, crawfish can’t survive. This leaves you fishing dead crawfish from the bottom of your pool. While chlorine can kill a lot of germs, do you really want to worry about what a dead crawfish has brought into your pool?

Don’t fight with the various problems that can arise from these critters that think your pool should be their home as well. Call Central Florida Screens today and have your pool screen enclosure installed now!