In central Florida, it’s rare to find a home that doesn’t have a built in pool in the backyard. With the warm temperatures almost all year round and the hot and humid summers, a cool dip in the pool can be exceptionally refreshing. Additionally, the pool can become the gathering place for the family. Summer cookouts, Fourth of July, lazy afternoons, and even Labor Day can all be celebrated around the pool. But what good is a pool that is always dirty and ends up with local fauna living in it? Don’t settle for an exceptional pool space only when you take the time to clean it, have Central Florida Screens install a pool screen enclosure today!

It may feel like Labor Day is still a ways off. In fact, you may be praying for Labor Day to get here even quicker, because the sooner Labor Day comes, the sooner the kids are back off to school. However, much like Memorial Day, Labor Day tends to be celebrated around the pool with burgers and hot dogs. But you can’t focus on prepping the festivities and making sure your pool is nice and clean at the same time. By having a pool screen enclosure added to the surrounding area of your pool now, you’re setting yourself for an easier time later. In a previous blog, we went over benefits of having a pool screen enclosure that practically pay for themselves.

Even if you’re not planning anything for Labor Day, you’re bound to have individuals over in the next several months to enjoy your pool. Don’t show them a dingy, hard-to-care for pool. Let your new pool screen enclosure from Central Florida Screens keep your pool clean and event worthy!