Did you know that CFS also has a glass division? We do! We specialize in frameless shower doors. This type of door can complete the design or renovation of your bathroom. Because of our work in this area, we like to keep an eye on bathroom design trends. Since it is the beginning of the year, we will take this opportunity to look ahead to the coming year and see what the emerging bathroom trends are. A well-decorated bathroom or a new renovation are a great way to increase the value of your home as well as increasing your enjoyment of this intimate and practical space on a daily basis.

Showers With a Difference

When renovating the shower area of your bathroom, have some fun! There is no reason to stick with a shower cabin with a run-of-the-mill shower head. You can choose to have multiple shower heads, installed at different heights along the wall, so your whole body gets massaged by jets of water. Another popular shower head is the rain shower head. These come in a wide variety of styles from retro to sleek and modern with LED lights that change colors built in for your private light show. Showerheads that accommodate a couple showering together are also growing in popularity.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are a fun innovation that is trending strongly, and we expect them to continue to be a design feature of choice. A frameless shower door is a thin piece of glass that is attached to the wall by means of a strong metal bracket. Because the glass is practically free standing, it does not utilize grout or caulking both of which deteriorate over time. A frameless door lasts longer than a door with a metal frame that can corrode and grout and caulk which can mold and generally deteriorate with time.

Two Types of Frameless Shower Doors

There are two main types of frameless shower doors. One is when the glass of the shower door is attached to the wall with a metal hinge and opens easily. This can be a full-length door or a door on top of a tub. A frameless door is a great alternative to sliding doors with their frames that rarely comply with a forward thinking design vision, and they are superior in all ways to a shower curtain that gets moldy and doesn’t project the upscale, upmarket vision most decorators want to bring to fruition. When the door is extended to the ceiling you can create a sauna room and when you do this, you’ll want to install a bench in the shower space so you can relax during your shower time.

As a design feature, frameless doors offer several features that can enhance the overall design of your bathroom. The fluidity of design, openness, and the flow of the space can all benefit from the use of a frameless bathroom door. Good design always takes into account the movement of the human eye through a space and when you eliminate a bulky frame, the eye is not stopped but moves without hesitation through a space. Overall we expect frameless shower doors to continue to increase in popularity.

The second type of frameless door is where there is no actual door, but rather an opening and the “door” is a suspended glass partition. Designers are favoring this design this year at to again allows the freed on the eye and the way the shower is open works with futuristic and natural designs alike.


It’s back! It wasn’t so long ago that we were all ripping outdated wallpaper and replacing it with walls of a solid color. Recent demand trends indicate that people are turning to wallpaper once again to achieve a dramatic effect without having to resort to large stickers or custom murals. Popular patterns are repetitive graphic designs and organic patterns such as leaves, trees, and floral prints.

Dimensional Tile

For people with a strong vision and the budget to match, dimensional tile can create a unique and stunning effect on your bathroom walls. You can choose tiles that make your wall something out of M.C. Escher drawing, or something so futuristic that you’d expect to find it on the Starship Enterprise. If you want to affect a more natural feel, you can go with rough-hewn stones that are installed to create a 3D effect.

Heated Towel Racks

Popular in Europe for decades, bathroom heating units that look somewhat like the skeleton of an old fashioned radiator unit add a sleek style to the bathroom as well as adding functionality. These heating units also function as towel racks and can be used to make clothes toasty on chilly mornings.

Smart Storage

Storage units that fit into tight spots and roll out to reveal their contents and smart ways of using every inch of space to create storage is one fun trend for the coming year. Little things like using the negative space of a shower bench to place drawers can increase your storage space without making your bathroom crowded with shelving.

Freestanding Tubs

Nothing makes a design statement quite like a dramatic freestanding tub. Whether your tastes run to retro claw-footed tubs or a tub hewn from a solid piece of marble, if you have the space for a free standing, run with it! A spa tub that fits two is also a popular choice.

If you are interested in a frameless shower door, be sure to turn to Central Florida Screens Glass.