One of the best parts about living in Florida is being able to use your outdoor pool for over half of the year. It’s an affordable, fun activity for anyone but especially for families. If you spend the majority of your time in and around your pool, you probably want to make the space your own. There are many different additions you can make to your pool space to make it feel like an oasis every time you spend time there. Consider these upgrades to your outdoor pool space to make it the perfect place to spend your time!

Install a Pool Enclosure

Sometimes the only problem with an outdoor pool is that it’s outdoors. You’re subject to the weather and any other unpleasantries that being outside can bring. Bugs and debris can dirty up your pool water quickly to the point where you spend more time cleaning your pool than actually swimming in it. A screened pool enclosure addition can still allow you the luxury of being outside but without all the hassle of bugs swarming in your space. Your pool enclosure can help make your pool seem like an extension of your home’s regular living space.

Invest in the Landscaping

Because your pool enclosure still allows you to experience the beautiful weather that Florida has to offer, you can improve the space with appropriate landscaping. Whether you choose lush, potted palm plants or you have the space to plant thick, luxurious ground cover, you will enjoy the added greenery in the space. Consider choosing perennial plants that bloom during different seasons so you will have flowers to enjoy throughout the seasons.

Pick the Perfect Patio Furniture

No outdoor space in complete without the perfect furniture. Whether you love to eat outdoors and need a patio table and chairs, or you like to lay by the pool in a lounger, having the right patio furniture can completely transform how you use your pool space. Make sure to consider what kind of wear the furniture will be subjected to and also consider what level of comfort you are looking for.

Add a Barbeque Space

Is there anything that goes better with spending time at the pool than grilling up lunch on the barbeque? We would like to submit that there is not. Setting up a dedicated grilling space inside your pool enclosure is sure to be a hit. Perhaps even add a built-in outdoor kitchen to your space in order to truly make it feel like an extension of your home.

Upgrade Your Deck

There is nothing worse than walking from your lounger to the pool only to have the pool deck scratch up the bottom of your feet and rub them raw. Worn out or poorly chosen pool deck materials can cause plenty of problems. If you’re planning on upgrading your pool area, consider updating your pool desk. You can always choose to simply install new cement or consider a nice outdoor tile. There are endless options on how to refinish or reinstall decking to help protect your feet from the pain of a worn out pool deck.

At Central Florida Screens, we know how to make your pool feel like an extension of your home. We specialize in screened pool enclosures. Contact us today for more information.