It is well known that we are the Top Rated Local® to turn to in Central Florida for screened-in enclosures for swimming pools and screen porches, but we do all the extras too! In this week’s blog, we will look at the gutters pool enclosure needs to last many years and some reasons that having a screened-in pool or patio is a great addition to your home.

Any structure that is part of your property, and has a roof, needs a good gutter system. The average rainfall in Daytona is 49.71 inches, and in Orlando, it is 53.19 and this amount of precipitation, if not channeled properly, will pool as it comes off the roof. When water pours off a roof and is not delivered properly, will erode the dirt where it lands, and it will then settle in the eroded spots, seeping down and ruining the foundation or washing out the dirt under the cement slab of the patio. If there is a swimming pool in play, the water can disturb the position of the pool and cause fatal cracks in it. For this reason, it is imperative that any roof has the proper gutter system. For people in the areas around Daytona and Orlando, Central Florida Screen is here to help. We install and service gutter systems in the Central Florida region and offer a warranty so you can be sure that we do quality work the first time around and will come back to fix anything that goes wrong with it.

Having a screened-in pool or porch, or patio is a great addition to any home. Let’s look at some of the reasons this is true.

Keep Your Pool Free of Debris

  • When you have a screened-in pool areas, you won’t have leaves and other debris blowing into your pool, saving you from extra skimming and keeping your chemicals more balanced.
  • Insects and wandering wildlife stay outside of the screened enclosure, and out of your pool, so you don’t have to skim them out of the water, and consequently,  don’t have to worry about contamination.

A Sense of Space

  • When you enclose the space around your pool or patio with a screen enclosure, you define the space. When you define any space, you are creating an area that can be decorated in a specific theme or used for a particular purpose.
  • This gives you the opportunity to create the atmosphere you decide on. Peaceful, private areas are easily created with nice, new patio furniture and a few well placed flowering bushes, or a few potted plants on the interior.
  • Or perhaps you want an area that beckons the family outdoors with hanging swing chairs, fruit-bearing plants, and child-friendly toys that will conform to their developmental needs, such as a rocking horse or mini-trampoline.

Increase Your Useable Square Footage

  • Having an outdoor space to escape to when your home feels too small, is a great reason to have a screened-in pool or porch on your home.
  • When you need to get some peace and quiet to read the next chapter in your book, head outside and grab a comfy chair and read in peace.
  • No buzzing insects will disturb you because you are in a screened-in area!
Create Your Own Oasis

When you need gutters installed on your screened-in pool enclosure, call CFL Screens.