How often do you think about your gutters? Be honest. Most homeowners don’t give their gutters a second thought, even when it rains. And in the humid Daytona area, it rains A LOT. Although we take them for granted, our gutters perform a very valuable task. Without them, rain water would shed off the roof directly onto the ground, taking its toll on your landscaping. Water would fall equally over every edge, making it impossible to enter or exit your house without getting soaked. When properly installed gutters take away all this annoyance, channeling rain water off of the roof and safely onto grass or into the sewer system. Knowing that gutters are so important to your quality of life, it’s necessary for Daytona homeowners to be vigilant in looking for these tell-tale signs that gutters are in need of repair.

1. Rust Spots, Cracks, Or Holes

At least twice a year, walk all the way around your house to perform a visual inspection of all gutters. Be on the lookout for any rust spots, cracks, or holes that may be visible on the underside of the gutters. Small cracks and holes may be easily repaired using a simple sealant, while large, rusty holes may need professional gutter repair.

2. Damaged Fasteners

Take a good look at the spot where two sections of guttering connect to each other. You’ll notice that these connections are made using a metal piece called a fastener. These small metal pieces are what keeps the gutter level and properly fastened to your house. When damaged, it leaves the entire gutter system at risk for more costly repairs.

3. Missing Screws

While inspecting your fasteners, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for missing screws or nails as well. See the empty spot where a screw should be? Take a look down at your feet. Chances are that’s where you’ll find it. Lose too many of these screws and you’re at risk for the entire gutter system pulling away from the house, causing serious damage.

4. Separation

Gutters are most effective when they’re completely flush with the side of the house, and the connection between sections is seamless. If you can see daylight between the gutter and the side of your house, or between the gutter sections themselves, you should call the gutter replacement professionals at Central Florida Screens right away.

5. Improper Pitch Or Sagging

As mentioned previously, gutters are only effective if they’ve been installed to be completely level. Without correct pitching, water will collect in certain sections of the guttering, causing unnecessary strain on the system. Eventually, this could cause the gutter to sag or pull away from the house.

6. Peeling Exterior Paint

When walking around your house, do you notice exterior paint peeling in certain areas with no apparent cause? If you have siding, do you notice pronounced water stains in certain areas? These are indications that water is escaping through cracks and holes in your gutter. Since water penetration is a big threat to your home’s exterior, this damage should be repaired right away.

7. Puddles

When it rains, do you notice big puddles of water forming at the end of the gutter’s downspout? Maybe the downspout areas look fine, but you notice big puddles in your flower bed or near the edge of your driveway? This may be a sign that debris is building up in your gutters, causing the water to overflow and form puddles on the ground.

Have you noticed any of these gutter warning signs around your home? Call Central Florida Screens for a free quote on gutter replacement and repair.