super-gutterGutters may not be something you regularly think about as homeowner. You probably think about your pool enclosure gutters even less than the ones that hang on to your home. But as with everything in your home, your gutters will find a way to tell you when they are need of repair or replacement if you know what to look for. Previously, we discussed many of the ways in which your gutters will show you they need repairs. Don’t forget these additional ways in which your gutters will let you know they need repairs.

Poor Drainage

Debris can easily accumulate in any gutter system. If this happens, you can start to experience drainage issues with your gutters. The best ways to identify whether your gutters are performing up to par is to watch them during a storm. Are your gutters overflowing? Are puddles accumulating next to your house or pool? Are you getting erosion marks in your gardens? These are all signs that water is not being funnelled appropriately away from your home.

Water Damage

Poor drainage from your gutters can easily lead to water damage in your home. If your gutters are overflowing, water can seep into the foundation or basement, causing a variety of problems. Additionally, when gutters overflow, water can enter into your home through damage in the siding or windows. This translates to your pool area as well. Standing or miss-funnelled water can cause the slabs that make up your pool deck to shift, causing tripping hazards and early deterioration.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs and symptoms from your pool enclosure gutters, contact us today at Central Florida Screens. We’ll help you get your gutters working properly again.