wet-carcta2If you live in the Daytona and Orlando area like we do, you know we can get some pretty crazy weather coming through the state during the fall and winter. In fact, tropical storms are exceptionally common across the state right now. Your home and your car are some of the largest investments that you make as an adult, and that being said, it’s extremely important to protect them. Making sure your gutters are working properly and the installation of a carport can be the difference between your car looking well-kept and cared for versus having a car that looks like it has been sitting in the ocean for an extended period of time.

When a car is left out in the rain and, maybe even occasional frost, then the precipitation can constantly accumulate on the car’s paint job and it can easily begin to take paint with it. Older cars are more prone to this as the protective layers of wax and other sealants wear away. Additionally, if you lose paint on your car, the steel becomes very susceptible to rust, which will eat away at your car. Parking your car safely below a carport can help keep precipitation of the paint and protect it from a variety of storm variables.

We all know that Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason. The sun continues to blaze almost all year round and if you have a car with a black interior, you know how hot the interior upholstery can get. Having a carport installed on your property next to your home can help to protect your car from the sun’s intense rays by reducing color bleaching, and keeping the interior cooler.

Let Central Florida Screens install a carport for you to keep your car safe and sound underneath it whether it’s rainy out or the sun is shining. Contact for information today.