Here in Florida, we get a lot of rain. Having the proper gutter system to funnel that rain away from your home, or pool, is an exceptionally important part of its general care. If you have a pool enclosure, you may have a pool enclosure gutter system. That’s great! Making sure that rainwater goes where it’s supposed to is extremely important.

Gutters that are broken or poorly sized cannot move water away appropriately. In a previous blog, we talked about what to look for to identify a broken gutter system. Consider these problems that can arise if your don’t repair or replace your pool enclosure gutter system.

Increased Puddling

When it comes to your home, water is not something to be underestimated. If your gutters are undersized or broken, you can get increased puddling around your home and pool. This can lead to bigger problems with the foundation of your home or even cause movement in the concrete slabs that make up your pool.

Cracked Walkways

After all the money you spent on having your pool installed, the last thing you want is to have is a cracked pool deck. Additional water from your gutters and the pooling that can occur can cause your walkways and pool deck within your screen enclosure to crack. This premature wear can be addressed by having your gutters repaired or replaced if they aren’t functioning properly.

Debris Accumulation

No one wants to swim in a pool full of bugs or decaying leaves. When you have poorly maintained gutters, all the excess debris that you are trying to funnel away from your pool may end up right in it. You end up spending more time cleaning your pool than swimming in it.

If you’re seeing signs that your pool enclosure gutters are undersized or in disrepair, call us today and we’ll help you prevent further problems to your pool area and home!